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  1. animal rights
    A Horse Died on the Set of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerThe horse was one of many prepping for a big battle scene.
  2. commercials
    At Last, an Adam Driver You Can Truly RideIn Driver’s new Burberry campaign, horse becomes man, man becomes horse, Oscar-nominated actor becomes centaur.
  3. ⚔️
    Despite Ye Olde Plague, the Show at Medieval Times Goes On“Stay at a sword’s length from your fellow royals.”
  4. music
    Shania Twain and Her Horse Duet on ACM Presents: Our CountryShania brings the star power. Her horse brings the eating-a-guitar power.
  5. Watch a Horse Expert Review Horse MoviesWe got it straight from the horse’s mouth.
  6. horses
    Cardi B Will Now Take You Down to the ‘Old Town Road’She twerked alongside the boys.
  7. party report
    Russell Crowe Reminisces About Reuniting With His Gladiator Horse on Robin Hood“It’s not every horse that can be a great movie horse.”
  8. horse news
    Liam Neeson Says Horse He Worked With Before Recognized Him on Set of New MovieIf Liam Neeson hand-fed you apples, you’d never forget him either.
  9. What’s With All the Dead Horses?Three films this spring involve dead equines, in one way or another. Vulture investigates the trend.
  10. last night on late night
    David Letterman Dropped Off a Horse for Conan O’Brien As a Thank-You GiftSpoiler alert: The horse ends up going to massage school.
  11. The Movie Pitch for ‘Horse in Motion’ (1878), by Collin Gossel Oh wow, Mr. Muybridge, what a coincidence running into you here! I don’t want to interrupt your dinner, but listen, I’ve got this great […]
  12. battle of the bastards
    Game of Thrones Wants You to Know That Cavalry Charge Was Actually RealThey used 80 horses!
  13. Jon Stewart and Wife Save an Abused HorseJon Stewart is making America a better place.
  14. what happens to a horse’s dreams deferred
    Mackie Disses Black Directors for HorsesThe single largest injustice in Hollywood is that a horse didn’t direct Seabiscuit.
  15. Gavin Brown’s Closing Show: 12 Horses in GalleryThese horses are an apt metaphor for what art galleries can do.
  16. music videos
    Taylor’s ‘Blank Space’ Horses Nab First Profile“Although Swift was only acting, Chico, who stood tied up to the tree, was disturbed by her violent outburst.”
  17. scissor sisters
    Watch the New Scissor Sisters Video, ‘Only the Horses’Best Benjamin Moore commercial ever.
  18. beefs
    Ricky Gervais Is Not a Fan of Horse Racing“Basically a beautiful majestic beast that took 2 billion years to evolve has just been slaughtered for fun.”
  19. sadface
    Another Horse Dies in Connection With HBO’s LuckThis is the third equine to go down.
  20. sadface
    Luck Euthanized Two HorsesPETA is not happy.
  21. horses
    Meet Finder’s Key, the Equine Star of War HorseHe has a good personality.
  22. dressage
    Watch a Horse Dance to Lil’ KimThis horse kicks it old-school, except without the kicking.
  23. party chat
    Zucker Cool With Horses and NBC JokesZucker: ‘That’s a big horse.’