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Hot Ones

  1. the chew deal
    Cardi B Gives a WWII-Era History Lesson on Hot OnesShe’s an FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt stan.
  2. taking bets
    Which Member of ’N Sync Will Do Best on Hot Ones?They might be hurt, babe. That ain’t no lie.
  3. spicy boy
    Would You Believe John Mulaney Can Eat Spicy Food?“I’ve done a lot of damage to my synapses.”
  4. the hungry games
    Jennifer Lawrence Was the Girl on Fire on Hot OnesShe admitted over wings that she sometimes does “a little bit of” archery.
  5. wing? stop
    Nightcrawler-Mode Jake Gyllenhaal Appeared on Hot OnesWatch in 1.5x speed for the full experience.
  6. hot stuff
    Kieran Culkin Might Enter a Post-Succession Depression“It feels like there’s so much more I wanted to do,” he said on Hot Ones, “which is probably a good thing.”
  7. sequin sequence
    Pedro Pascal and Nic Cage’s Pillow Scene Was Not Scripted“That’s weird.”
  8. the bomb
    Keanu Reeves Probably Won’t Do the Last Dab“I don’t want to eat really spicy chicken wings … especially not in public …”
  9. the heat is on
    Are Hot Wings Enough to Burn Out Austin Butler’s Elvis Voice?Listen to him wax poetic about PB&J sandwiches and judge for yourself.
  10. what’s in the bottle
    We Want to Taste the Jeremy Renner Hot Sauce From Glass OnionMake space in the Hot Ones lineup!
  11. can i ask you a question…?
    Cate Blanchett Kind of Wants to Play Hot Ones Host Sean EvansShe’s researching.
  12. wing love
    Viola Davis Loves Hot Wings on a Carnal Level“I’m just gonna suck it off the bone.”
  13. extremely online
    Great Scott! Tom Holland Double Bites on Hot Ones“I’m gonna go for a second hit.”
  14. last night on late night
    Maya Rudolph’s Beyoncé Fully Melts Down on Hot Ones With Sean Evans“My whole head is on fire.”
  15. legends only
    Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Loved ‘Black Jeopardy’“He was patting me on the back about that.”