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    Apple Finally Fixed Its Podcast BugPlus: Spotify reports its earnings.
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    Meet the Studio Behind Substack’s First Podcast DealThe founders of Booksmart talk about Substack’s podcast strategy, their long-term goals, and hiring Bob Garfield.
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    What’s Next for Pocket Casts?The third-party podcast app was acquired by the company behind Wordpress.
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    What Happens When a Podcast Turns 25Radio Diaries host Joe Richman on what he’s seen (and heard).
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    Apple Podcasts Continues to Be Plagued by Technical IssuesWhat do its growing instabilities mean for the broader podcast ecosystem?
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    What Will Amazon Do With Art19?A closer look at the company’s position in podcast land.
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    Pineapple Street’s The 11th Aims to Break PodcastsThe new series will be released in a different shape once a month.
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    Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Is Here, If You Want ItCan the company get casual listeners to open up their wallets?
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    Can CNN Become a Podcasting Powerhouse?The cable news network has been making a surprisingly strong push into the audio space.
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    Can Podcasting Account for Its Workers?Twila Dang’s Matriarch Digital Media hopes so.
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    Karina Longworth on Celebrity Gossip and You Must Remember ThisThe podcast host discusses Louella Parsons, Hedda Hopper, and Hollywood’s early media scene.
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    How NPR’s Invisibilia Reinvented ItselfPlus, Clubhouse finally comes to Android.
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    Are Podcasts Ready For Live Events Again?Things are inching back towards normalcy.
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    Apple and Spotify Are Ready to Take Your Podcast MoneyBoth companies are launching tools for podcasters to sell subscriptions.
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    Facebook Bursts Into the Live Audio SceneCall it the Clubhouse effect.
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    Welcome (Back) to Depresh ModeHow one podcaster revived his show after losing his job (and his old podcast feed).
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    Is Apple Finally Getting Into Original Podcasts?The company announced a new project from podcaster Dan Taberski.
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    Spotify Has Its Own Clubhouse NowThe Swedish company has purchased the sports app Locker Room, signaling a foray into live social audio.
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    Are Podcast Producers Properly Valued?A look at how podcasting’s unsung heroes are often treated.
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    Yes, Podcast Listenership Is Still on the RiseThe pandemic has not slowed it down, according to a new study.
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    The Podcaster’s Journey to HollywoodWhat happens when a show jumps from your earbuds to your TV.
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    Can the Screen Actors Guild and Podcasters Get Along?The two sides are still figuring it out.
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    Key Podcast Takeaways from Spotify’s Big EventThere was more than just Bruce and Barry.
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    Does Clubhouse Mean Bad Things for Podcasting?The platform brings new wrinkles to the audio space.
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    Preet Bharara Navigates the Post-Trump Podcast BoomThe former U.S. Attorney is eyeing an audio empire.
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    Audio Art Is Blossoming During the PandemicThey speak right to you, with all the nuance and intimacy that podcasts typically bring, but reminding you that you’re not alone.
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    Futuro Studios Is Having a MomentWith buzzy podcasts like Anything for Selena and Norco 80, the company is making a splash in 2021.
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    So, Is Apple Building a Netflix for Podcasts?The rumors are flowing.
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    2021 in Podcasting: Now What?Five big questions for the industry in the year ahead.
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    L’Affaire CaliphateWhat went wrong at the New York Times?
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    Coronavirus, Consolidation, and Collective Bargaining: The Year in PodcastingLooking back at an incredibly busy 2020.
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    When Conservative Listeners Find Your PodcastPlus: What’s next for The Daily?
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    iHeartMedia Tries Its Hand at Podcast Translation (Again)The company has teamed up with a Danish startup in an effort to expand further into foreign markets.
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    The Rise of Right-Wing Podcasts Is Upon UsThe other side of the Pod Save America coin is turning up.
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    Yes, Spotify Has Made Another Big AcquisitionThe company adds Megaphone, formerly known as Panoply Media, to its empire.
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    Should Spotify Be Responsible for What Joe Rogan Does?A look at the publisher vs. platform debate.
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    The Rise of the Politician PodcastWhy are Mayor Pete, Andrew Yang, and Julián Castro invading your podcast feed?
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    City Cast and the Promise of Local PodcastsThe David Plotz startup aims to bolster local journalism.
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    The Media Takes Another Look at CaliphateThe New York Times podcast is under new scrutiny.
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    How a Podcast Paused a Murder TrialPlus, are all mystery shows actually good?
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    Wondery Plots an Exit StrategyPlus: What does Apple want with Scout FM?
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    Joe Rogan Is Already a Headache for SpotifyThe partnership is off to a rocky start.
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    Will NPR’s Plan to Bundle Local Content Work?Plus: Audible undergoes some changes.
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    The Strange Case of Oprah’s Old InterviewsHow should podcasts deal with repurposed content?
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    Joe Budden Goes RogueBreaking down the podcaster’s beef with Spotify.
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    The State of Collective Bargaining in Podcasting Is MurkyPlus: What’s happening to physical podcast spaces right now?