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  1. The Rise of the Messed-Up Parent on TVToday’s parents are materialistic, neurotic, and very, very immature.
  2. Deep Space Nine Is TV’s Most Revolutionary Depiction of Black FatherhoodSisko and Jake forever.
  3. The Enduring Legacy of Roseanne, 30 Years LaterThe show’s originality resides above all in the character of Roseanne herself.
  4. How Much Money Would These Famous TV Families Make Today?Who’s richer, the Huxtables or the Dunphys?
  5. The 50 Most Definitive Family TV Shows, RankedFrom The Simpsons to the Kardashians, these shows made a mark on the genre, and American culture.
  6. How TV Changed Our Definition of ‘Housewife’As of the last decade, “housewife” has had a double meaning.
  7. Norman Lear on Redefining the American Family SitcomAnd the best family show he didn’t make.
  8. vulture lists
    Who Is the Worst Teen in TV History?A ranking of the brattiest TV teens, from Carl Grimes to Joffrey Baratheon.
  9. Why I Wanted to Adapt Roseanne for the Trump EraWhitney Cummings on bringing the show back in 2018.
  10. close reads
    Jane the Virgin Has the Best Family on TVIt’s astonishing how few TV families are built on something so radical and so simple as truly knowing one another.
  11. Where Does the Family TV Show Go From Here?From The Waltons to Roseanne 2.0.