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  1. Playboy Puts Brett Ratner Hugh Hefner Movie on Hold in Wake of AllegationsAdditionally, Jared Leto’s representatives claim he was never involved in the film.
  2. casting couch
    Oh Jeez, Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh HefnerIn a biopic directed by Brett Ratner.
  3. remembering an icon
    Larry King, Paris Hilton, and Other Celebrities Mourn the Death of Hugh HefnerThe Playboy founder died on Wednesday. He was 91.
  4. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for American Playboy, Amazon’s Hugh Hefner Tell-All DocuseriesHow America’s favorite soft-core purveyor came to fill his smoking jacket.
  5. the industry
    Amazon Will Release Hugh Hefner Docuseries American PlayboyAmerican Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story will draw from Hefner’s own archives.
  6. lawsuits
    Bill Cosby, Hugh Hefner Sued for Sexual BatteryChloe Goins has again sued Cosby, and added Hefner to the lawsuit.
  7. prime real estate
    Hugh Hefner Is Selling the Playboy MansionTreat yourself to a grotto.
  8. scandals
    Vegas Model Alleges Bill Cosby Licked Her Toes and Assaulted Her in 2008Chloe Goins said she was 18 years old at the time.
  9. mondo video
    Watch YouTube’s Most Delightfully Dated TV ClipsA skeezy Playboy roller-disco TV special, an ad for Full House dolls, Alec Baldwin on Hollywood Squares, and more!
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    Oscar Nominee Peter Morgan to Pen Hugh Hefner BiopicHe also wrote Frost/Nixon and The Queen.
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    Hugh Hefner Remembers Playboy Club Uniforms As Less Modest Than Playboy Club CostumesIt was a long time ago.
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    Gene Simmons Gets Married … for His Reality-TV ShowNow it makes sense.
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    Read Hugh Hefner’s Inappropriate Bieber-Related TweetGross.
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    Watch Bob Guccione Discuss Hefner, Caligula, and the Futility of Film CriticsIn this undated TV interview, the ‘Penthouse’ founder — who died yesterday — airs his views and airs out his chest hair.
  15. chat room
    Hugh Hefner on Why All of His Critics Are Wrong“If women weren’t sex objects, then we’d never have a second generation.”
  16. high times
    If You’ve Got the Money, HoneyWelcome to the financial jungle, you’re gonna invessssst!
  17. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Passes the Baton Along to Kristen WiigPlus: Joan Rivers recycles her own material for the umpteenth time.
  18. the industry
    George Clooney Can’t Stop With the Spy MoviesPlus: Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt will try their damnedest to play Irishmen.
  19. agenda
    ‘Girls Next Door’ Reveal Themselves As Truly CompellingHardy T&A seekers have surely discovered that this chronicle of the lives of Hugh Hefner’s blonde brood is actually all about character development.
  20. the industry
    Brett Ratner Finally Talks His Way Into the Playboy MansionRatner on Hef: Director Brett Ratner will direct Playboy, a biopic of Hugh Hefner, for Universal. Brian Grazer’s Imagine will produce, and John Hoffman is writing. Ratner’s first-ever visit to the Playboy Mansion last week convinced the aging Hef that the auteur behind Rush Hour was the man to tell the story of Playboy’s part in the cultural revolutions of the sixties. We just hope Ratner remembers to put boobs in it! [Variety]
  21. the week in reality
    MTV’s ‘Taquita & Kaui’: Our Generation’s ‘Bosom Buddies’