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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hides Her Awards So Your Unaccomplished Self Feels WelcomeAnd she doesn’t want to do a Seinfeld reboot, so quit asking.
  2. Harris Wittels’s @humblebrag Twitter Account Has Been HackedHe started the account anonymously in 2010.
  3. humble brag
    Kristen Stewart Will Take Assayas’s Praise“Honestly, it makes me feel great.”
  4. Harris Wittels’s Fancy Celebrity Friends Don’t Have Time for Him and His […] As if Harris Wittels wasn’t already putting all other 20somethings to shame with his busy career as a standup, sitcom writer (splitting his […]
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    Let the Parks and Recreation Cast Explain the Humblebrag“It’s such a drag having such a huge dong.”
  6. Humblebrags, Now In Book FormIf you liked @humblebrag, the twitter account by Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels about people bragging with faux humility, there’s a decent […]
  7. Parks & Rec’s Harris Wittels on Humblebrags and Internet CommentsThis AV Club interview with Parks & Recreation writer Harris Wittels delves into the genesis of the Humblebrag Twitter account, back in the day […]
  8. Harris Wittels Breaks Down the All-Time Greatest HumblebraggartsHarris Wittels, Parks and Rec writer and curator of the infamous @humblebrag, has a new column on Grantland in which he’ll be writing up a […]
  9. @Humblebrag Tweeter Revealed as Parks and Rec Writer Harris WittelsYou may be familiar with @humblebrag, the Twitter account dedicated to retweeting that Twitter classic, the statement of false humility aimed […]