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  1. tv
    HBO Renews Enlightened, Cancels Bored to DeathHung and How to Make It in America got the ax, too.
  2. sandwiches
    Thomas Jane Would Like to Clarify That Gay-Hooker Quote“I said that I’d had a sexually adventurous time.”
  3. big reveals
    Watch a Vulture Compilation of Cross-Dressing RevealsShe’s a he and he’s a she.
  4. tv
    Thomas Jane Could Have Played Don DraperJon Hamm says he was the first choice.
  5. hung
    Thomas Jane: I Was a Homeless Gay Hooker“I was 18. I wasn’t averse to going down to Santa Monica Boulevard and letting a guy buy me a sandwich. Know what I mean?”
  6. party chat
    Thomas Jane Gets Very, Very Specific About When Hung Will End“I told HBO, the year I end up with a penis in my mouth is the last year of the show. “
  7. ween
    Hung Gets Picked Up for a Third SeasonAiring in 2011.
  8. teens on tv
    Why the Hung Kids Are the Realest Kids on TVThe teenagers on ‘Hung’ look and speak realistically, making them both controversial and a pleasure to watch.
  9. chat room
    Jane Adams on Why Hung Is More Than Just a Penis ShowThe actress speaks to us about the second season of ‘Hung,’ how her character is awkward but not pathetic, and why everyone’s so amped up about those poor kids.
  10. tv
    See a New Trailer for the Teenage Version of HungA public pantsing changes a well-endowed nerd’s life.
  11. the industry
    Bobby Fischer Pawned by David FincherPlus: Mary Steenburgen to have obnoxious kids.
  12. tv
    Genius in Advertising: New Zealand’s Obscenely Bulging Hung BillboardGood thinking, N.Z.
  13. vampires
    True Blood Lives to Bite AgainHBO also renewed ‘Hung’ and ‘Entourage.’
  14. ratings
    True Blood Proves to Be a Ratings Boon for HBONot only is ‘True Blood’ cresting, but it’s also helping draw big ratings for ‘Entourage’ and ‘Hung.’
  15. the culture pages
    Nussbaum on Hung: No Motion to This OceanIt just doesn’t go deep enough.
  16. wangs
    HBO Goes Below the Belt, Quite Literally, With HungWe can only guess how he stacks up against the likes of McG and Dr. Manhattan.
  17. the industry
    Al Pacino to Kill, RighteouslyPlus: HBO gets ‘Hung. ’
  18. the industry
    Aaron Eckhart and Richard Jenkins Go Drinking With Johnny DeppPlus: Banana Hands finally gets his own reality show.
  19. the industry
    Barry Sonnenfeld to Save World From Aliens AgainPlus: What’s Christopher Lloyd up to these days?
  20. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Basically ‘Torture: The Movie’Plus: Alexander Payne’s next movie, and the big names behind ‘Bioshock.’