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Hunter Parrish

  1. the industry
    Crazy Rich Asians’ Remy Hii Joins Jane the Novela’s Wine-Soaked Love TriangleImagine Jane the Virgin, set in a Napa Valley vineyard. So many beautiful ruined outfits.
  2. stage dive
    Theater Review: Is Godspell Worthy?To fully appreciate the show’s rapid-fire eagerness to connect, it helps to have the mental metabolism of a properly medicated Nickelodeon viewer.
  3. disappointments
    Please Tell Us Elizabeth Banks Didn’t Really Write This HuffPo Op-ed PieceHow can we be sure she really wrote this piece?
  4. quote machine
    Hunter Parrish Beloved by Marijuana FansPlus: ‘The Transporter’: gay?
  5. chat room
    ‘Weeds’ Star Hunter Parrish on His ‘Spring Awakening’ DebutThe lifelong theater geek was so excited about replacing Jonathan Groff that he started a week early.
  6. the industry
    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way