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  1. oscars 2021
    Húsavík Is All Our Hometowns Thanks to This Pre-Oscars PerformanceGood luck beating a children’s choir, tiny sweaters, and fireworks, Diane Warren.
  2. the gold rush
    Oscars to Bring You ‘Husavik’ in Húsavík, Best Song Noms in Pre-ShowAll five Best Original Song nominees will be performed during a pre-Academy Awards special.
  3. chat room
    Eurovision Songwriter Savan Kotecha on His Oscar Nom and Visiting Húsavík“I can’t wait until COVID’s done so we can go visit.”
  4. play jaja ding dong
    The Town of Húsavík Would Like an Oscar, PleaseBut can it get the “Jaja Ding Dong” guy onboard?