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    Can Outer Space Drive a Person Insane? Let’s Ask an Astronaut.In Lucy in the Sky, Natalie Portman totally loses her mind, in the tradition of several movie astronauts before her.
  2. important questions
    Which MCU Butt Will Replace Captain America’s Butt as America’s Butt?Can any of these butts live up to job?
  3. important questions
    Answering Questions About Every Day, That Teen Body-Swapping RomanceThink of it as Call Me by … Today’s Name.
  4. Why Does the TRL Reboot Exist?And eight more questions about an MTV show that belongs to another era.
  5. important questions
    Why Did Barack Obama, a Mature Adult, Watch Monster Trucks?According to Hollywood insiders, he requested a screener.
  6. important questions
    What Was the Worst Summer Movie Weekend of the Past 20 Years?Here are eight candidates.
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    Five Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Differs From the Previous FilmsIt’s arguable that this latest web-slinging film contradicts its own Hollywood canon more than any other superhero reboot.
  8. What Non-Comedy Songs Make You Laugh?A few days ago, I was listening to “O’Malley’s Bar” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on the subway, and when Cave sang, “I shot Richard Holmes in […]
  9. Questions We Did Not Ask John Lithgow Last NightLast night, Alex Scordelis (pictured, left) and myself, Julie Klausner (photoshopped into the photo at left), went to see John Lithgow read at […]