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  1. How Matt Besser Combines His Love for Comedy and Music on ‘improv4humans’ A little-known fact about improv is that a lot of it used to be accompanied by music, specifically a piano. One comedian who actually began […]
  2. The Now Hear This Fest Brings 30+ of Your Favorite Podcasts Together The first annual Now Hear This podcast festival is taking over Anaheim October 28-30, 2016, bringing together 30+ of the biggest podcasts in […]
  3. Adam McKay Responds to Jim Breuer Saying He Got Him Fired from ‘SNL’Former SNL cast member Jim Breuer went on WTF with Marc Maron last month and claimed he heard from an NBC executive that Adam McKay, who was […]
  4. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Maria Bamford Bonds with ‘Tom Leykis’, Paul […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  5. Listen to Matt Besser and Ian Roberts Explain the History, Philosophy, and […]UCB Theatre founders Matt Besser and Ian Roberts did a special episode of Besser’s Earwolf podcast improv4humans today, in which they walk […]
  6. Listen to Matt Besser Explain How People Constantly Misunderstand ‘Yes, […]“‘Yes, and’ is about agreement. Agreement doesn’t necessarily mean you literally say the word yes all the time… In fact you more often […]
  7. Betrayal Planned for ‘Anchorman 2’And not just by milk! Adam McKay was on the improv4humans podcast today to do some improv, which is pretty cool in of itself. However, doubly […]
  8. This Week in Comedy PodcastsLast Sunday night, I bet the happiest person in California was Bijou Phillips, who was spoon-fed the perfect theme song for her new podcast […]
  9. This Week in Comedy PodcastsLast week the AV Club asked, “Are we nearing comedy podcast overload?” To which the writer not surprisingly asserted we were. I both entirely […]
  10. This Week in Comedy PodcastsDid you hear, did you hear? The Oscar nominations came out this week and woof. You call these movies, Hollywood? More like move-these pieces of […]
  11. This Week in Comedy PodcastsIt’s all happening now. Comedy Bang! Bang! has been picked up by IFC to become a television program. Pack your bags my fellow pod-people, our […]
  12. Matt Besser Launches Longform Improv Podcast on EarwolfDo you like improv and podcasts? Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to. Do you loooooove improv and podcasts? Then this is fantastic news! UCB […]