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  1. Guess Who Directed the Best New Woody Allen Movie? (Hint: It Wasn’t Woody)For the past 20 years, nearly every Woody Allen release has prompted critics to declare, “Woody’s BACK!” And for people who enjoy his films, […]
  2. glass ceilings
    The Glass Ceiling of Celebrity Voice-over WorkThat famous voice you hear in that car ad? It’s almost certainly a man’s.
  3. profile
    Lake Bell On In a World… and TattoosLet’s get it out of the way. The giant rose on Lake Bell’s chest is not real.
  4. Unsurprisingly, Critics Prefer Indies ‘In a World…’ and ‘Prince […]As summer weekends go, this is a pretty decent one for comedy films. And it’s particularly good one for Nick Offerman fans, as he appears in […]
  5. exclusive
    Watch Lake Bell’s Super-Awkward In a World ClipBoth of them are on such different pages that it’s comedically cringe-worthy.
  6. Watch Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman, and Lake Bell in the Trailer for ‘In a […] Here’s a trailer for In a World…, a new comedy written, directed by, and starring Childrens Hospital’s Lake Bell as a lady trying to make it […]
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    In a World … Trailer: In a World Where Lake Bell Is a Triple ThreatA trailer for a movie about those who narrate movie trailers.