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Inauguration 2017

  1. inauguration 2017
    India.Arie Defends Chrisette Michele’s Trump Set“I think it was a career misstep.”
  2. last night on late night
    Triumph Roasts Trump Inauguration, They Love ItMan, why can these people take a joke?
  3. reality check
    Sean Spicer’s Inauguration Ratings Claims, Fact-checkedSince you asked, Mr. Spicer, there’s plenty of data that suggests the administration’s claim is false. 
  4. where’s the beef?
    Chrisette Michele Responds to Spike Lee in Song“Spike won’t pay me / a crook from Crooklyn.”
  5. fight song fight
    Rachel Platten, Piano Guys Fight Over Trump Ball“Fight Song” was Hillary Clinton’s campaign song.
  6. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Reviews Trump’s Inaugural SpeechPresident of the United States of American Carnage.
  7. inauguration 2017
    Frank Ocean Thinks Obama Should Have Walked Out“The majority knows man, we know you did good.”
  8. inauguration 2017
    See New Trump-Era Posters From Obama ‘Hope’ Artist Shepard FaireyThousands of posters were printed.
  9. inauguration 2017
    Celebrities React to Trump’s InaugurationTell us how to feel, Adele!
  10. president donald trump
    Madonna Says Donald Trump Elected ‘For a Reason’“It had to happen.”
  11. inauguration 2017
    Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Prepare for the Trumpocalypse“Pence looks like a wooden doll from the ‘50s.”
  12. Here’s How You Can Livestream Donald Trump’s InaugurationIf you don’t have cable, there are still plenty of ways to watch. 
  13. backlash
    Spike Lee Won’t Use Chrisette Michele’s MusicShe’s Gotta Have It won’t have “Black Girl Magic.”
  14. inauguration 2017
    Brian Littrell Is Sad BSB Can’t Do InaugurationAin’t nothing but a mistake.
  15. sure jan
    Chrisette Michele on Why She’s Singing for TrumpShe quotes MLK, of course.
  16. inauguration 2017
    Why Kanye Supposedly Didn’t Get Inauguration Gig“It’s not the venue.”
  17. inauguration 2017
    Chrisette Michele to Sing at Trump InaugurationHer reps have reluctantly confirmed the news to Essence.
  18. thanks but no thanks
    The Musicians Who Declined Trump’s InaugurationThe list keeps growing.
  19. inauguration 2017
    Tim Rushlow to Play the Trumps’ First DanceRushlow and co. are the Freedom Ball’s house band.
  20. pay attention
    Why You Should Watch Donald Trump’s InaugurationThe great ship Make Him Go Away by Ignoring Him sailed long ago. 
  21. inauguration 2017
    Jennifer Holliday on Canceling Her Inaugural Set“One morning you wake up and everybody hates you.”
  22. inauguration 2017
    Sam Moore, Formerly of Soul Duo Sam and Dave, Agrees to Perform for TrumpThe Grammy Award–winning singer will perform at the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration.
  23. inauguration 2017
    Garth Brooks Discusses Not Playing InaugurationHe’ll be playing Cincinnati instead.
  24. inauguration 2017
    Bruce Springsteen Cover Band Quits Inauguration Gig Out of Respect for the BossDon’t want to disappoint Father.
  25. scottish things
    Newspaper Likens Inauguration to Twilight Zone“It’s a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we’re not careful.”
  26. getting apolitical
    Toby Keith on Trump Inauguration Performance: ‘I Don’t Apologize’“I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military.”
  27. inauguration 2017
    Jennifer Holliday Cancels Donald Trump Inauguration Performance“I sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgement.”
  28. inauguration 2017
    Jennifer Holliday ‘Disheartened’ About Gig“I have been unable to see how my singing helps Donald Trump.”
  29. inauguration 2017
    Jackie Evancho’s Transgender Sister Defends Her Inauguration Performance“Jackie is singing for our country.”
  30. inauguration 2017
    Paul Anka Backs Out of Trump InaugurationHe was in talks to perform “My Way” at the ball.
  31. inauguration 2017
    Marie Osmond Also Not Performing at Inauguration“I try to stay out of politics. I’m an entertainer.”
  32. inauguration 2017
    R. Kelly Won’t Perform at Trump’s Inauguration Another name scratched off the list.
  33. sensuous
    Inauguration 2017: Few Stars, Bigly ‘Sensuality’Chair of the inauguration committee Tom Barrack has plans for “poetic cadence.”
  34. abc
    ABC Delays TGIT Return for Inauguration SpecialThe 2017 debut of Shonda Rhimes’s lineup has been pushed back to January 26.
  35. inauguration 2017
    Moby Made a Playlist for a Trump Inaugural Ball He Will Not Be Playing AtThe playlist includes Public Enemy and various protest songs, obviously.
  36. inauguration 2017
    Big & Rich to Perform at Trump’s Pre-Inaugural Gala, Ride a CowboyThe country duo will be joined by Cowboy Troy.
  37. inauguration 2017
    Talladega College Band to Perform InaugurationThe school’s president called the decision a teachable moment for both the band and the college as a whole.
  38. inauguration 2017
    Rebecca Ferguson Won’t Sing at Inauguration“There are many grey areas about the offer for me to perform that I’m unable to share right now.”
  39. inauguration 2017
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member Quits Over Trump“I could never look myself in the mirror again with self-respect.”
  40. Trump Inaugural Director: It’s ‘Not Summer Jam’ “You know, this is not Woodstock.”
  41. inauguration day
    Rockette Says ‘Majority’ Said No to Inauguration“There is a divide in the company now, which saddens me most.”
  42. inauguration 2017
    MSG: Rockettes Don’t Have to Perform for TrumpBut they also say most Rockettes have signed up to perform at the inauguration.
  43. a-list twitter beef
    Chrissy Teigen Reacts to Trump’s A-Listers TweetCome on — don’t we all sort of want the approval of A-listers?
  44. inauguration 2017
    Trump Adviser: Rockettes Will Join InaugurationThey will join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Jackie Evancho.
  45. respect the classics
    Beach Boys Asked to Play at Trump’s InaugurationThey’re mulling it over.
  46. they kissed their chance goodbye
    Kiss ‘Politely Declined’ Trump Inauguration GigThey weren’t made for lovin’ Trump.
  47. bring in the mormons
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singing at InaugurationYour loss, Céline Dion!
  48. Céline Dion Reportedly Refuses Inauguration GigUnlike her heart, the show’s going to have to go on without her.
  49. inauguration 2017
    Andrea Bocelli Might Have Also Agreed to Perform at Donald Trump’s InaugurationThe two have a long history.
  50. AGT Contestant to Sing at Trump InaugurationThe 16-year-old was the runner-up on the show’s fifth season.
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