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  1. infomercials
    Enter the Demented Mind of Sarah Squirm With Adult Swim’s New InfomercialPresenting a bizarre, disgusting, and groundbreaking new hair-removal procedure.
  2. keep comedy weird
    Three Delightfully Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing PleasureChris Fleming, Carmen Christopher, Lorelei Ramirez are keeping weird comedy alive.
  3. adult swim
    The Too Many Cooks Creator Is Back With a Video Game Walk-through From Hell“Have you ever felt like you’re not in control?”
  4. as seen on streaming
    Not Sold on Lady Dynamite? Let This Infomercial Hawk It HardLady Dynamite is … scarves.”
  5. Check Out Adult Swim’s New Infomercial ‘Live at the Necropolis: Lords of […]This week, Adult Swim is airing a new 4:00am infomercial by Moonbeam City’s Scott Gairdner and Ryan Perez called Live at the Necropolis: Lords […]
  6. Calm Down to the Soothing Sounds of ‘Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep’At 4:00am this morning, Adult Swim aired a brand new piece of delightful weirdness from comedian Joe Pera called Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep, […]
  7. Ben Stiller, Bob Odenkirk, Janeane Garofalo, and William Shatner Invite […]In the more than 150 From the Archives articles I’ve written, I’ve looked at a wide variety of genres of comedy: variety shows, late night […]
  8. Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Responds to David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin’s […]Adult Swim EVP and creative director Mike Lazzo just fought back against David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin on Reddit for the second time over […]
  9. David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin Respond to Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo About […]In his Reddit AMA last week, David Cross accused Adult Swim exec Mike Lazzo of ripping off the concept (specifically the time slot and lack of […]
  10. David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin Invented the Adult Swim 4AM InfomercialTo promote his new film Hits, David Cross fielded questions in a Reddit AMA today, and one of his most interesting responses came when a fan […]
  11. Check Out Paul Scheer’s Adult Swim Infomercial for ‘The Frank Pierre […]From the mind of Paul Scheer, here’s the latest infomercial to air at Adult Swim at 4:00am, this time for the luxurious destination known as […]
  12. Check Out Adult Swim’s ‘Salad Mixxxer’ Infomercial Starring Kurt BraunohlerAdult Swim has a strange policy with how and when they post their 4:00am infomercials on YouTube, but since last week’s “Too Many Cooks” hit a […]
  13. Casper Kelly Calls ‘Too Many Cooks’ a ‘Shower Idea’“I think it was a shower idea - just simply the idea of a show sitcom open that doesn’t stop. It made me laugh. But I didn’t think it could […]
  14. ‘Too Many Cooks’ Is the Most Insane and Perfect Sitcom Opening of All TimeIn addition to Scharpling and Wurster’s Newbridge tourism ad, another informercial that ran at the 4:00am time slot on Adult Swim this week is […]
  15. Here’s an Infomercial for a Fake College Written by Ex-’Onion’ Writers […] Adult Swim has been quietly airing this fake infomercial for “For-Profit Online University” all this week at 4am. FPOU is a one-off special […]
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jennifer Aniston Walk-of-Shamed It to Hollywood BoulevardPlus: Surprise guest Adam Corolla denounced Jimmy Kimmel’s collaboration with Oprah, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. clickables
    Watch the Juggalos’ ‘Super Live Toy Drive’ Infomercial“Give to the kids, man.”
  18. tv
    Watch a Montage of Hilarious Infomercial ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’sOh, infomercials. Oh, this video.