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  1. cancellations
    Netflix Has Had Its Fill of Insatiable After Two SeasonsNo, thank you, they couldn’t have another bite.
  2. canine corner
    Is This the Hardest Working Dog in Show Business?Widows and Game Night would be nothing without her.
  3. chat room
    The Georgia Governor’s Race Might Keep Alyssa Milano Off Insatiable“If this man is elected I am going to have a very hard time going back to Insatiable and feeding their economy with my industry.”
  4. close reads
    Skinny Is Not Magic, But I Still Appreciated InsatiableIt’s not just a weight-loss story. It’s not just a revenge story. It’s not even exactly about rage.
  5. tv anatomy
    Insatiable Star Defends Show’s Fatsuit Use by Reminding You Friends Did It, Too“We’re just trying to portray an origin story.”
  6. tv review
    Netflix’s Insatiable Is an Utter DisasterYou probably heard this show was bad. But it’s way, way worse than that.