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    In Defense of “Scriberia”Inventing Anna makes it sound horrible, and it was not horrible. It was nice.
  2. Why Are Podcasters So Sensitive to Both Criticism and Praise? For a few months a while back, it sure felt like the A.V. Club, where I was a staffer for about 16 years and remain a columnist today, was […]
  3. Putting Together a Cast for an Indie Comedy Is a Crazy, Bewildering Process We always assumed we were going to get our movie made. Not because we knew something other people didn’t, but because we were young(ish), […]
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    The Sony Hack Wasn’t the Only Thing That Hurt Amy PascalSony had been in a bad place for a while.
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    Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony PicturesShe will stay on at the studio as a producer.
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    Ugly Betty Will Live! (But Then Again, It Might Not)Maybe now’s a good time to start forwarding orthodontic rubber bands to ABC Entertainment Group president Stephen McPherson’s office.