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  1. movie review
    Trapping Willem Dafoe in a Penthouse Prison Shouldn’t Be BoringInside wastes a great premise on dreary execution.
  2. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2021This year’s most notable releases expanded our definition of what a comedy special can be.
  3. grammys 2022
    Bo Burnham’s Inside (The Songs) Won’t Compete for a Comedy GrammyThe album will be moved to Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.
  4. covers
    Some Questions About Phoebe Bridgers’s Bo Burnham CoverShe is a serious singer often trying to be funny, and he is a funny singer often trying to be serious. What does it all mean?!
  5. covers
    Phoebe Bridgers Released Her ‘That Funny Feeling’ Cover on BandcampProceeds from the song benefit abortion funds in Texas.
  6. stand-up
    Inside Inside, Inside (a Movie Theater)Bo Burnham’s special is a much different — and happier — experience when watched on the big screen.
  7. inside
    The Very Tall Comedy Man Will Play on Very Tall Screens for One Night OnlyGet your f- - -ing hands up! Get on out of your seat!
  8. album review
    We Weren’t Supposed to Hear Bo Burnham Like ThisIndependent of the Netflix special, the songs of Inside feel strangely vital.
  9. hold him accountable
    Yes, Calm Down, Bo Burnham’s Inside Will Be on SpotifyLook, Daddy made us some content.
  10. depressing dot com
    Welcome to Bo Burnham’s Internet, You Insatiable Baby“Can I interest you in everything, all of the time?”
  11. comedy review
    Bo Burnham’s Anguished, Electric Solo VoyageWith Inside, the comedian sketches a pandemic self-portrait.