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    White Helmets: Syrian Heroes Won’t Be at OscarsThe documentary’s subjects are Nobel Peace Prize–nominated humanitarian rescuers.
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    Director Asghar Farhadi Won’t Go to Oscars“It now seems that the possibility of this presence is being accompanied by ifs and buts which are in no way acceptable to me even if exceptions were to be made for my trip”
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    Muslim Ban Bars Iranian Director From OscarsAsghar Farhadi directed The Salesman.
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    James Taylor Cancels Philippines Concert to Protest Drug War Killings“I don’t think of my music as being particularly political but sometimes one is called upon to make a political stand.”
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    A Canadian Town Is Punishing Drunk Drivers With Nickelback MusicLook at this headline. Every time you do, it makes you laugh.
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    Gerard Depardieu’s New Russian Passport Comes With Free Russian Apartment And a nice, flat income tax.
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    Avery Jessup-Donaghy Will Be Back on 30 Rock After AllIn May!
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    There Will Be a Chinese Gossip GirlChina Girl!
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    30 Rock Is Going to Sort Out That North Korea Plot“Technically, Avery is the First Lady of North Korea.”
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    Paraguay and Argentina Say No to Kathryn BigelowThe governments of Paraguay and Argentina are refusing to cooperate with Bigelow on her next movie.