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  1. extremely online
    Two Was Company When Suzanne Somers Noticed a Home Intruder During a Livestream“Well that’s um, what do they call it, coitus interruptus!”
  2. chat room
    James Frain on Intruders and Assassin ProblemsAlso: How his character compares with the psycho vampire he played on True Blood.
  3. chat room
    Robert Forster on Sci-fi, Lucky Breaks, and Better Call SaulA career-spanning interview with the character actor, who guest-stars on this week’s episode of the BBC America series Intruders.
  4. talking with
    Glen Morgan on BBC America’s Creepy IntrudersAlso discussed: the gruesome nail gun death scene in Final Destination 3.
  5. trailer mix
    Mira Sorvino Goes Missing in BBC America’s Intruders TrailerGlen Morgan of The X-Files produces.
  6. trailer mix
    Intruders Trailer: Clive Owen’s Not-So-American Horror StoryMeet Hollow Face, the new ghostly baddie.
  7. intruders
    See Clive Owen in the Unsettling Poster for IntrudersClive, Clive, Clive. Are you trying to scare us? Because it’s so working!
  8. clickables
    Watch a Teaser Trailer for Clive Owen’s IntrudersLook out behind you, Clive.