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Isabella Rossellini

  1. role call
    Isabella Rossellini Answers Every Question We Have About Death Becomes HerOn using a body double, her critique of Madonna’s Sex book, and why she’s glad she missed out on a role in a certain “exploitative” film.
  2. movie review
    Marcel the Shell With Shoes On Is the Gentlest of Gut PunchesIt’s the most unassuming of movies, but don’t be shocked if it leaves you an emotional wreck.
  3. two friends
    Yes, Obviously Isabella Rossellini Knows About Duck SexAs she explains to Jenny Slate on this episode of Two Friends.
  4. Isabella Rossellini on Evolution, #MeToo, and the Good Parts of Aging“I knew I was not an ideal woman,” she says. “But I suggested something that allowed people to complete their fantasies.”
  5. stage dive
    Theater Review: Dr. Rossellini’s Green Porno“She’s the best professor you could ever imagine. So what if the result has no business calling itself a play?” 
  6. shorts
    Watch Isabella Rossellini Get Impregnated (As a Toad)It’s from her new surreal nature Web series, Mammas.
  7. isabella rossellini
    Let Isabella Rossellini Teach You About BeesSweet beard, dude.
  8. casting couch
    Mélanie Laurent Joins Jake Gyllenhaal DramaIsabella Rossellini, too.
  9. must love dogs
    Watch a 4-Year-Old Isabella Rossellini Play With a Puppy in a Trailer for Her New ShowShe even trains guide dogs. Why are you so perfect, Isabella Rossellini?
  10. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Isabella Rossellini’s Bizzare Sex Scene with a Bed Bug’s Knife PenisPlus, Drew Barrymore recalls the days when she worked with Nancy Reagan on “Just Say No” while she was just saying “yes”, on our regular late-night roundup.
  11. movies
    See Isabella Rossellini’s Sexy New Animal-Courtship Web Series, Seduce MeDelightful two-minute shorts about animal flirtation.
  12. quote machine
    Coldplay Owes Career to Michael Stipe Pants TipPlus: Werner Herzog making the ‘Avatar’ of cave movies.
  13. quote machine
    For Sale: Lil Wayne’s Stinky HousePlus: Isabella Rossellini still getting over David Lynch.
  14. quote machine
    David Cross Explains Why an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Will Never HappenPlus: Siena Miller finally sells us on ‘G.I. Joe,’ and NPH explains why clothes make the man (atop a unicorn).
  15. quote machine
    Isabella Rossellini’s Decision to Make Movies About Bugs Having Sex Makes Perfect Sense If You Think About ItPlus: 50 Cent is high on life, and Tina Fey’s new movie is declared safe for dudes.
  16. quote machine
    Stephin Merritt Still DourPlus Ne-Yo on John Mayer, Pete Wentz on Tina Turner, and Dolly Parton on her breasts.
  17. quote machine
    Nelly Furtado to Sing with Middle Earth Warlords