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It’s Still The 80s

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    The 21 Best Fake ’80s Songs on TelevisionFrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Wet Hot American Summer, a look at songs created for TV to mimic ‘80s music.
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    The Best Modern ’80s-Style Audio Gear You Can Buy Here are six pieces of throwback audio gear you can buy today — all of it perfect for consuming ‘80s-tinged modern tunes.
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    6 Novelists on Capturing the 1980s in WritingIn film and music, the signifiers of another era are seen and heard. Authors don’t have that luxury.
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    The 50 Best Modern Songs That Sound Like the 1980sMusicians are embracing the sounds of that decade in the same way other artists repurposed the blues, classic ‘60s rock, and ‘70s punk.
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    The 1980s Shows, Movies, and Videos Games to Try Based on Your Modern FavoritesIf you like the newer fare, there’s a good chance you’ll like its predecessors, too.
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    How TV Is Making Us Hear ’80s Music in a Whole New WayThe Americans, Halt and Catch Fire, and Mr. Robot, among others, are all making ‘80s pop and New Wave sound fresh again.
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    The Single Most Important Year in Superhero History Was 1986Two seminal comic-book stories and a pair of big initiatives by publishers continue to influence entertainment today.
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    Why the Golden Age of TV Was Really Born in the 1980sThese shows were literally ahead of their time.
  9. How Nickelodeon Got America Hooked on CableAnd ushered in the era of the niche TV network.
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    It’s 2016. Why Are We Still Obsessed With the ’80s?Our cultural fixation on the Duran Duran decade has now officially lasted longer than the decade itself.