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It Just Happened

  1. it just happened
    Brooklyn Artist, American Graffiti Activists Arrested in BeijingJames Powderly let friends know he was being held via Twitter direct message.
  2. it just happened
    Shia LaBeouf’s Finger Saved by Quick-Thinking Publicist’Mutt Williams and the Search for Elvis or Something’ is saved!
  3. it just happened
    Christian Bale Arrested; Police: ‘We Thought He Was the Batman’Did Gotham police finally catch up to the Bat-Cycle?
  4. it just happened
    Court Overturns Indecency Fine for ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’; Timberlake Sings About It on ESPNCBS will not be held accountable for the Super Bowl halftime show, but will Justin Timberlake be held accountable for his crappy ESPYs song?
  5. it just happened
    Literally Breaking! Fifteenth-Century Terra-cotta Sculpture Falls Off Wall at MetIs the Met a death trap???