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  1. Alita: Battle Angel Trailer: Cyborgs, Scientists, Mahershala Ali in SunglassesAlita: Battle Angel will be released on July 20, 2018.
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    Amazon Studio’s The Tick Looks Properly Ridiculous in New Set Photos“Spooooooon!”
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    Jackie Earle Haley on Dark Shadows“I think this is real fresh, harkening back to what made vampires vampires.”
  4. chat room
    Jackie Earle Haley on Nightmare on Elm Street “This ‘Nightmare’ is darker than the ones that preceded it, but it’s probably a great date movie, too.”
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    Vulture’s Guide to Casting Movie VillainsWho should play your bad guy: Jackie Earle Haley, Mark Strong, Mickey Rourke, or Hugo Weaving?
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    Mickey Rourke Stays Spoiler-FreePlus: Don Cheadle to just make stuff up about Miles Davis.
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    Beyoncé Could Have It So Much BetterPlus: Nobody did anything to Demi Moore’s face.
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    New Nightmare Trailer: Beware of Micronaps!How trendy!
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    Todd Phillips Gets Another HangoverPlus: Jackie Earle Haley to haunt your dreams.
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    Don’t Ever Mess With Mark WahlbergPlus: Andrew McCarthy goes back to the eighties.
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    The Bachelor Continues to Be a HeelPlus: Chris Issak talks ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ about ten years after you stopped caring about it.
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    Is There a Nightmare on Jackie Earle Haley’s Street?Somewhere, Robert Englund is softly weeping.
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    ‘Watchmen’ Fills Out Its RosterPlus industry news about The Incredible Hulk, Hank Azaria, and R. Kelly.