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Jackie Kennedy

  1. dear mr. kennedy
    Who’s the Sexiest Onscreen JFK?The Crown introduced its very own John F. Kennedy, so it’s time for a ranking.
  2. chat room
    How The Crown’s Jodi Balfour Perfected Her Jackie Kennedy Accent“It’s like a voice gym.”
  3. camelot
    Jackie Kennedy’s Real White House Tour Is the Perfect Jackie CompanionThe First Lady won an Emmy for the CBS special, which was re-created in Jackie.
  4. on beauty
    Natalie Portman’s Jackie Really Loves BeautyEven though the line “I love beauty” never ended up in the film.
  5. Natalie Portman Is Jackie KennedyIn the midst of newfound political turmoil, the actress revives the First Lady, whose private resolve and public grace held the nation together.
  6. biopics
    Here’s Your First Look at Natalie Portman As Jackie KennedyFor the biopic Jackie.
  7. biopics
    Natalie Portman Will Play Jackie Kennedy, TooIn Pablo Larraín’s Jackie.
  8. jackie o
    Spielberg Onboard for Jackie Kennedy FilmProject will likely end up at HBO.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Will Harrison Ford Save Us From Shia LaBeouf and a Spinoff of Doom?Harrison Ford says he’s up for another Indiana Jones movie — does this mean LaBeouf’s rumored spinoff trilogy will have to wait?