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James Comey

  1. book deals
    James Comey Trades Memoirs for a Life of Crime (Novels)Murder, he wrote.
  2. based on true events
    Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson Take You Back to 2016 in The Comey Rule TrailerThe two-part Showtime limited series premieres on September 27.
  3. casting
    Jeff Daniels Will Play James Comey to Brendan Gleeson’s Donald TrumpThe series will “likely” air before Election Day.
  4. last night on late night
    Amy Poehler Swoops in to Help Unpack James Comey’s TweetThe former Weekend Update duo asked the question that was on everyone’s minds.
  5. last night on late night
    James Comey Tells Colbert Why He Was Surprised When Trump ‘Whacked’ Him“I don’t know if you’ve dealt with mob bosses before, but they don’t like to be investigated.”
  6. book deals
    Please Let James Comey’s Book About ‘Ethical Leadership’ Spill More Trump TeaWe’ll have to wait for Scaramucci’s inevitable book deal to get the real tea.
  7. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Takes a Look at How Donald Trump Can’t Stop Contradicting HimselfHe’s “like a husband who denies cheating on his wife, but also wants credit for getting laid.”
  8. last night on late night
    Colbert Explains How Comey’s Dinner With Trump Was Straight Out of Jurassic ParkHorrifying!
  9. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Reads Comey’s Trump Testimony and Sees a Potential Lifetime MovieThe FBI director was suspicious of President Trump’s dinner dates and phone calls.
  10. roll clip!
    Richard Nixon Has Some Choice Words for Donald Trump in New Simpsons Episode“I came to thank you, Donald.”
  11. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Reviews Trump’s 8 Days of Progressively Worse Bad News CyclesAt least the president took a break from making news on Mother’s Day.
  12. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Asks Congressional Republicans to Come Get Their President“Trump just admits to wrongdoing, then dares the rest of us to do something about it.”
  13. the theater
    James Comey Takes a Page From the Clinton Playbook and Emerges to See a MusicalHe was “wiping away the tears.”
  14. last night on late night
    Colbert Can’t Help But Get Some Godfather Vibes From James Comey’s FiringSomeone get Francis Ford Coppola on the phone.
  15. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Takes Us Into the Bushes to Track Trump’s Changing Comey StorySean Spicer hid among, not in, the White House bushes to avoid the press.
  16. Trevor Noah on Trump Firing Comey: ‘This Is Bad for Democracy’“This is the kind of thing that happens in Africa. Just say it!”
  17. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Looks Into the Aftermath of Trump Firing Comey“You know it’s bad when even the Nixon library thinks you’re bad for their brand.”
  18. Kimmel on Comey’s Dismissal: Trump Still Thinks He’s on Celebrity Apprentice“[It’s] kind of like O.J. firing Judge Ito halfway through the trial.”