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James Cromwell

  1. a long talk
    ‘I Told My Assistant, “They’re Gonna Fire Me”’Ewan Roy’s eulogy stole the show in Succession’s penultimate episode. James Cromwell thought it would end his career.
  2. that’ll do pig
    Succession’s James Cromwell Has No Idea How Many Times He’s Been Arrested“Oh, I lose track.”
  3. that’ll glue pig
    How Long Do You Need to Be Glued to a Counter to Effect Real Milk Change?Gotta be at least one episode of Succession.
  4. theater review
    The Sparkle and Glow of Grand HorizonsStarring national treasures Jane Alexander and James Cromwell, not to mention Michael Urie’s contortionist reactions.
  5. call me maybe
    James Cromwell’s Ringtone Is Him Saying ‘That’ll Do, Pig’ From BabeWe have to admit it’s pretty calming.
  6. arrests
    James Cromwell Arrested Yet Again, This Time for Protesting at SeaWorldThe American Horror Story actor wore a T-shirt that read “SeaWorld Sucks” while addressing patrons through a megaphone.
  7. protests
    James Cromwell Sentenced to 7 Days in Jail Over New York Energy Company ProtestThe Young Pope actor refused to pay fines stemming from the 2015 sit-in.
  8. environmentalism
    James Crowell Heckled NY Energy-Company EventThe actor was protesting a natural-gas plant under construction upstate.
  9. casting
    James Cromwell Checks Into American Horror StoryHe’ll go toe-to-toe with Jessica Lange.
  10. the industry
    Dimension Gives a Boost to Struggling Young Screenwriter Ice CubeIce Cube sells his script, W’s parents are cast, and Sam Raimi casts some collateral damage in Drag Me to Hell.