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  1. my soundtrack song is dropping
    LCD Soundsystem Return With New Noise for White NoiseIn addition to “New Body Rhumba,” they also announced a new Brooklyn residency.
  2. LCD Soundsystem Didn’t Break Up to Fill Madison Square Garden, Guitarist Says“No; the motivation was to make the show something incredible, something singular, strange and unrepeatable. Which it remains, I think.”
  3. fall preview 2017
    James Murphy on LCD Soundsystem’s Return – and Why They’ll Never Break Up AgainThe LCD Soundsystem front man on music’s progress, his band’s return, and the moment of spite behind its famous farewell concert.
  4. LCD Soundsystem Will Be Playing New Music During Their Brooklyn ResidencyThe Bots shall be pleased.
  5. lcd soundsystem
    LCD Soundsystem’s Front Man James Murphy Says New Album Will ‘Be Done Soon’“Still working on it.”
  6. reunions
    LCD Soundsystem, Like Jesus, Will Rise From the ‘Dead’ This WeekendThey’ve announced two NYC shows.
  7. reunions
    James Murphy Announces New LCD Soundsystem Album, Defends Reunion“It’s strangely energizing to have people who don’t make music themselves take potshots at you from the internet.”
  8. reunion
    LCD Soundsystem May Reunite at CoachellaConsequence of Sound says it can confirm that the band will embark on a reunion tour in 2016.
  9. merry christmas
    LCD Soundsystem Release First Song in 5 Years“So, there’s been this depressing Christmas song I’d been singing to myself for the past eight years …”
  10. subway symphony
    James Murphy’s Quest to Make the Subway Sound Less Awful It’s sort of like playing a lyre in a dungeon.
  11. Noah Baumbach Shares His Musical ObsessionsYoung Noah Baumbach hated Lionel Richie; old Noah Baumbach knows better.
  12. covers
    James Murphy and His Glockenspiel Covered David BowieFor Noah Baumbach!
  13. listen
    New James Murphy Sounds a Lot Like Brian EnoNo more music about tennis.
  14. party chat
    Ad-Rock Says James Murphy Broke His Refrigerator“There’s James Murphy. He owes me $150.”
  15. pulp
    Listen to Pulp (Featuring James Murphy)’s ‘After You’If this is what retirement looks like, sign us up.
  16. friends
    James Murphy and Arcade Fire Are in Fact Working Together“On three songs or so.”
  17. exclusive
    Watch James Murphy Get Sacrilegious in The ComedyAlong with Tim and Eric.
  18. Comedy Duo Tim and Eric Star in the Trailer for ‘The Comedy’, a Drama […]Here’s the new trailer for The Comedy, which, despite its title (and the fact that it stars Adult Swim duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) is […]
  19. See James Murphy Solicit Your PhotosGood to see he’s keeping busy!
  20. trailer mix
    This Exclusive Teaser for The Comedy Isn’t Like Most TrailersThe movie stars Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem.
  21. alternate history
    James Murphy Was Maybe Going to Act in The Corrections“I was potentially going to play Gary.”
  22. party chat
    James Murphy Judges Vulture’s Song of Summer ContendersPlus a suggestion of his own.
  23. videology
    ‘Do Ya Thing’ Video: Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 Could Stand to Do Some CleaningThere’s also an entire bowl of severed ears.
  24. gorillaz
    Listen to the Thirteen-Minute Version of Damon Albarn, James Murphy, and Andre 3000’s ‘DoYaThing’Do you have a couple of minutes? How about thirteen?
  25. right-click
    Damon Albarn, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 Spent Time in a Room TogetherHear “DoYaThing.”
  26. retirement
    James Murphy Still Making Music, Also Maybe Making Tiny Watches“You know, like little watches that have lots of moving springs.”
  27. kudos
    The New EGOTs: Vulture Coins Other Great Achievements in Cultural OmnipresenceMadonna gets a SAD! 50 Cent gets a RASH! Blue Ivy gets a BMW!
  28. sundance 2012
    James Murphy on His Sundance Documentary, Rock Star Retirement, and Coffee“I don’t consider myself to be particularly famous. I’m like a scientist. I’m known in my field. If you like science, you might have read my papers.”
  29. sundance 2012
    LCD Soundsystem Documentary Plays Sundance to Minimal Aisle DancingBut much applause.
  30. crossovers
    James Murphy Is an Actor NowIn a Sundance movie, no less.
  31. Read About Aziz Ansari’s Wondrous, Insane Trip to TokyoWay back in January, Aziz Ansari told us that GQ had sent him, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, and Momofuku chef David Chang to Tokyo after he […]
  32. radio vulture
    Good-bye, LCD Soundsystem: James Murphy’s Art of Hopeless CommitmentHow a band that once seemed to be satirizing hipsters wound up asking real questions about functioning as an adult.
  33. james murphy
    James Murphy’s Quitting Music for CoffeePerhaps he’ll pursue a job at Starbucks?
  34. quote machine
    LCD Soundsystem to Just Make Unprofessional Albums From Now OnPlus: John Mayer might have said a smart thing.
  35. quote machine
    Paul Rudd Will Get an Anchorman Sequel Made One Way or AnotherPlus: Russell Crowe dead.
  36. beef
    James Murphy Isn’t Really Mad at Michael Musto“Michael Musto called me a douchebag.”
  37. right-click
    LCD Soundsystem: Like a Drunker OK GoThe video for “Drunk Girls” is somewhat reminiscent of “This Too Shall Pass.”
  38. leak of the week
    The LCD Soundsystem Leak: What Is James Murphy Sad About Now?Sorry, James Murphy.
  39. right-click
    LCD Soundsystem’s New Album Has Sprung Some More LeaksThis Is Happening is sounding better and better.
  40. last night’s gig
    LCD Soundsystem’s Secret Sauce: Champagne and Whiskey“The Champagne gets you drunk fast, and it’s like a guide for how the whiskey will make you feel in twenty minutes.”
  41. quote machine
    Never Ask Nicolas Cage What’s in His VialPlus: New Justin Long movie sounding great.
  42. cover story
    James Murphy Doesn’t Look As Excited for the New LCD Soundsystem Album As We AreThe album gets a title and a cover.
  43. right-click
    James Murphy vs. Michael Musto: It’s On!“Oh eat it, Michael Musto/You’re no Bruce Vilanch.”
  44. music
    Hear a New Song From LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, ‘Oh You (Christmas Blues)’A track off the upcoming ‘Greenberg’ soundtrack.
  45. dates
    Only 75 More Days Until the New LCD Soundsystem Album!Or, you know, however long until someone leaks it.
  46. lcd soundsystem
    See LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy in the Studio, a PoolThe band has provided some behind-the-scenes recording and diving footage.
  47. last night’s gig
    James Murphy and Friends Positively Hot at P.S. 1’s Warm UpMostly they took it back to 2002 with their signature revival of disco-heavy electro-funk.