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James Schamus

  1. behind the scene
    Behind the Making of Indignation’s Thrilling, 18-Minute Argument Scene“When you’re a director watching an 18-minute scene unfold, you can come up with a lot of notes, let me tell you.”
  2. movie review
    Indignation Is the Best Philip Roth Film Adaptation By a MileDirector James Schamus’s style is deliberate but not cold, and the performances he has elicited are passionately deliberate.
  3. movies
    What Do Focus Features Changes Mean for Indies?The films he backed somehow stick with you long after the credits roll and the Oscar wins are tallied.
  4. news reel
    Ang Lee and James Schamus on Taking Woodstock“Everybody who goes to an Ang Lee movie wants to be sublimely depressed by the end of the film. And if you have ‘Woodstock’ in the title, you think you’re going to be seeing Joe Cocker screaming onstage.”
  5. news reel
    Feel Free to Pitch Your Book to Ang Lee in the Starbucks LineAfter all, that’s basically how he found out about his new project, ‘Taking Woodstock.’
  6. the industry
    Demetri Martin Will Make Love, Not War for Ang LeePlus: Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces Toni Collette in Sam Mendes’s Eggers-penned relationship comedy.
  7. the industry
    Jeremy Piven to Hug It Out OnstagePlus: Ang Lee goes to ‘Woodstock,’ David O. Russell runs off James Caan, and Judd Apatow blah blah next big comedy hit.
  8. quote machine
    Makeup Artist Rick Baker Challenged to Make Benicio Del Toro Look Any More Like a WolfPlus: Quotes from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koening on comparisons to Paul Simon, and Joshua Jackson on why his career is failing!
  9. news reel
    James Schamus: It’s George Bush’s Fault We Can’t Shoot Overseas AnymoreThe Focus Features CEO on the high cost of a London shoot.