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  1. into it
    James Wan Just Wants to Scare HimselfThe horror maestro expounds on the genre’s surging popularity and why movies such as M3gan resonate so deeply with audiences.
  2. movie review
    M3gan Is Good Enough for JanuaryThis horror comedy may have gone viral thanks to its Olsen-faced murder machine, but it’s Allison Williams who makes it watchable.
  3. profile
    Allison Williams Comes AliveThe star of the already viral M3gan has made a career of subverting her own image.
  4. the merge anarchy
    Horror Houses Blumhouse and Atomic Monster May Soon MergeM3gan, made by both production companies, is something of a test run.
  5. where is my mind?
    Sorry, But Did I Hallucinate This One Line in Malignant?More than the gore or the scares or the monster reveal, this scene defines the movie’s camp sensibility and hints at the madness to come.
  6. thrillers
    Director James Wan Returns to His ‘Rough Thriller Roots’ With MalignantWatch the trailer for the “throwback kind of film.”
  7. movie review
    Chris Rock and a Game Cast Can’t Quite Save Spiral: From the Book of SawIt’s more a tired cops-chase-a-serial-killer movie than a tired Saw sequel.
  8. horror
    James Wan Is Piecing Together Universal’s Next Classic Monster MovieSeems the success of The Invisible Man has left the lab door open for all sorts of creatures to stagger out.
  9. adaptations
    James Wan to Bring You Heinous Body Horror With The Troop AdaptationWan will produce the screen treatment of Nick Cutter’s book.
  10. horror
    That I Know What You Did Last Summer Series Just Landed James Wan As A DirectorWill the director bring his distinct visual style to the new show?
  11. fatality
    A New Mortal Kombat Movie Will Be Body Slamming Into Theaters in 2021Cue the jock jams.
  12. adaptations
    James Wan Enters the Stephen King Universe to Produce Salem’s LotVampires from Atomic Monster.
  13. trailer mix
    The Curse of La Llorona Trailer: Why Must Ghosts Always Ruin a Nice Bath?The latest ghost film from the James Wan ghost factory.
  14. dc universe
    Aquaman 2 Development Begins; Will Hopefully Be Easier Than Finding AtlantisPescatarians, rejoice.
  15. fandoms
    Aquaman Director James Wan Asks Fans to Stop Harassing People Who Hated AquamanWhat Would Arthur Curry Do?
  16. aquaman
    How James Wan Sent Aquaman UnderwaterJason Momoa’s beard hair was a technical nightmare.
  17. the director shuffle
    James Wan Turns Over the Conjuring 3 Director’s Chair to Michael ChavesNew Line expands its Conjuring-verse director’s stable.
  18. remakes
    American Zombies to Ride the Rails in Producer James Wan’s Train to Busan RemakeThe South Korean original is a modern undead classic.
  19. a closer look
    This Is the Scariest Scene in The NunRun for your life.
  20. the industry
    James Wan Is Producing an Arachnophobia Remake, Because Your Fear Feeds HimThe man behind The Conjuring and Saw and Insidious is dusting off the root of your paralyzing spider fear.
  21. sequels forever
    Annabelle the Awful Doll Will Extend Her Reign of Terror for a Third MovieShe has miles to go before she’s captured by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
  22. Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is ‘Like Indiana Jones and Star WarsAt CinemaCon, Momoa, director James Wan, and Amber Heard gave audiences a first look at the upcoming film.
  23. Universal Is Bringing You a Movie Adaptation of Stephen King’s The TommyknockersMan, small-town Maine just cannot catch a break.
  24. the industry
    The Producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Are Making a Horror MovieJames Wan and Shawn Levy are developing There’s Someone Inside Your House.
  25. chat room
    Lin Shaye Talks Insidious: The Last Key and Finally Being the HeroThe Hollywood veteran also shares her thoughts on the term “character actress.”
  26. All 8 Saw Movies, RankedDo you want to play a game? Or read a list about a movie franchise featuring a villain that asks that question?
  27. box office
    The Conjuring Frightens Away Warcraft at the Box OfficeJames Wan’s horror sequel made $40.3 million its opening weekend.
  28. the industry
    Furious 7’s James Wan to Direct Aquaman (Oh Yeeeeeah!)The director of Furious 7.
  29. movies
    Director James Wan on How Furious 7 Is Like Snow WhiteWhat the hell is James Wan doing directing a Fast and the Furious movie? 
  30. movies
    Movie Review: Furious 7You’ll cry anyway.
  31. movie review
    Movie Review: Insidious: Chapter 2The sequel to the 2010 horror film brings back the original cast and director.
  32. movie review
    Ebiri: The Conjuring Makes Screams the Old-Fashioned Way — It Earns ThemVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as a pair of paranormal investigators in the new spook story from director James Wan.
  33. directors directing
    James Wan Tapped for Fast & Furious 7He’s the creator of Saw.
  34. trailer mix
    The Conjuring Trailer: A Couple That Hunts Ghosts Together …Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga: ghost hunters!
  35. nostalgia
    MacGyver Movie Looks to James Wan As DirectorThat’s right, there’s a MacGyver movie.
  36. james wan
    Saw Creator Signs 8-Picture DealSaw writer/producer James Wan inks an eight-movie deal.
  37. chat room
    Original Saw Director James Wan on His Horror-Movie Comeback“I wanted to come back with a scary movie, that didn’t have an ounce of blood in it, to counteract what I’ve become known for with Saw … “
  38. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jolie, TatumPlus: Marvel working on bringing Iron Fist to the big screen.