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  1. movie review
    Kenneth Branagh Needs to Make 10 More of TheseThe creepy, moody Agatha Christie adaptation A Haunting in Venice is far from perfect, but it feels like the work of a man rejuvenated.
  2. coming soon
    Hercule Poirot Returns for Another Round in A Haunting in VeniceKenneth Branagh is reprising his role for a third film.
  3. movie review
    Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast Is a Bolder Movie Than It SeemsThe director has made an autobiographical film, set during the Troubles, about lower-case t troubles.
  4. friday night movie club
    In Praise of Barb & Star’s Club Remix of ‘My Heart Will Go On’Why is it only a minute long? I need more!
  5. chat room
    Jamie Dornan Tore Several Shirts for His Big Barb and Star SceneThe Northern Irish actor — who was once an aspiring comedy blogger — on embracing his silly side through song and dance.
  6. movie review
    Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar Arrives Preordained for Cult StatusIt features Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Jamie Dornan, Damon Wayans Jr., and a sage old crab named Morgan Freemand.
  7. shush daddy!
    Jamie Dornan’s Children Hate His Singing More Than You Hate AnythingCould they bee more annoyed?
  8. movie review
    We Should Probably Talk About Wild Mountain ThymeBecause WTF.
  9. roll clip!
    Watch Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm Bicker In This Wild Mountain Thyme ClipSwoon in theaters and on demand December 11.
  10. trailer mix
    They Made an Irish MoonstruckWild Mountain Thyme hits “theaters” on December 11.
  11. potty humor
    Jamie Dornan Filmed His ‘Imagine’ Verse in the Toilet, Is Sorry“I nearly texted Kristen going, ‘What key?’”
  12. tv
    Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater Join Forces to Bring Down Dr. DeathJamie Dornan will play the titular subject of Wondery’s medical true-crime podcast in a limited-series adaptation.
  13. movie review
    Jamie Dornan, Jemima and Lola Kirke Can’t Save UntogetherUntogether is seeking to provoke. But that’s about as racy or intimate as it gets.
  14. chat room
    Jamie Dornan Sang at Sarah McLachlan’s House in Fifty Shades Freed“She sang three or four beautiful songs, I think I caught a couple people tearing up, and then they were like, ‘All right, Jamie, you’re up!’”
  15. trailer mix
    Oh My, Matthew Rhys Has Muttonchops in This Death and Nightingales Trailer[Fans self.]
  16. sex and math
    Every Sex Scene in the Fifty Shades Movies, QuantifiedJust how much kinkiness can you expect from this franchise?
  17. Anastasia Steele Is the Enemy of the Written WordThere are too many naked scenes for you to notice, but in Fifty Shades, Ana single-handedly dismantles the literary scene of the Pacific Northwest.
  18. Fifty Shades Freed Sure Is the Last Fifty Shades MovieIt turns out the darkest shade all along was … money.
  19. maybe this is amazing
    Oh My God, Jamie Dornan Will Cover ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ for Fifty Shades FreedHe was once in a folk duo called Sons of Jim. Amazing!
  20. Fifty Shades Freed Trailer: ‘You May Call Me Mrs. Grey’Christian Grey finally put a ring on it.
  21. trailer mix
    Fifty Shades Freed Trailer: Mrs. Grey Will See You NowWhat a fun, sexy time.
  22. first looks
    See Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan in the First My Dinner With Hervé PhotoIt’s HBO’s Hervé Villechaize movie.
  23. last night on late night
    Jamie Dornan Listing Irish Terms for Drunk Is the Jamie Dornan 50 Shades Needed“30. Rama-lama-ding-donged.”
  24. whoa
    Dakota Johnson’s 21 Best Fifty Shades Darker Line Readings“You’re not putting those in my butt.”
  25. movie review
    Actually, Fifty Shades Darker Isn’t That BadThe movie’s real subject is wealth — and how much a woman is willing to accept being owned in return for beautiful clothes.
  26. last night on late night
    How Jamie Dornan Kept Sex Scenes Funny While Filming Fifty ShadesNice noises.
  27. review roundup
    The Meanest Lines From the Fifty Shades Darker Reviews“Has there ever been a film in which the hero has so much sex without properly taking off his trousers?”
  28. just so you know
    Fifty Shades Darker Is Telling a Big Lie About LipstickDon’t fall for it: Lipstick does not come off that easily.
  29. male nudity
    So, Do You See Christian Grey’s Penis in the New Fifty Shades Movie?You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answer.
  30. trailer mix
    New Fifty Shades Darker Clip: Damn, This Is a Very Sexually Charged DateComing February 10.
  31. casting couch
    Jamie Dornan in Talks With Robin Hood: OriginsFrom kinky man to Merry Men.
  32. trailer mix
    Jamie Dornan Battles in the Jadotville TrailerBased on the story of the 1961 U.N. intervention in the Congo.
  33. casting couch
    Jamie Dornan, Jemima Kirke to Star in UntogetherThey will join Jemima’s sister Lola and Ben Mendelsohn for the dramedy.
  34. movies
    Jamie Dornan: First-Time Jitters Hurt 50 ShadesIt could happen to anyone.
  35. chat room
    Dornan, Murphy on the Job of a War Movie in 2016 “If you’re entertained, but then it also makes you think, ‘Fuck, it all lines up,’ if it resonates because that is what is happening, good.”
  36. the superhero boom
    Cillian Murphy Is Cynical About Superhero MoviesCillian Murphy, like many of us, has to ask: Are we running out of caped crusader stories to adapt?
  37. the industry
    James Foley to Direct Both 50 Shades SequelsThey’re coming.
  38. teaser trailers
    Fifty Shades Darker Has a Teaser Already — Okay, Cool (Hot?)Just give in.
  39. raises
    Fifty Shades Stars Want Massive Raise for SequelThey were only paid $250,000 each for the first film.
  40. mr. 50 shades of grey
    Jamie Dornan Has His Abs and Eats Them Too“How do you taste?”
  41. user’s guides
    Fifty Shades of Grey’s First Sex Scene DescribedCurious?
  42. movie review
    Fifty Shades Review: Dakota Johnson Is SuperbHe’s not sending much heat her way.
  43. last night on late night
    Watch Jamie Dornan and Jimmy Fallon Read Fifty Shades in AccentsStrong Brogue game.
  44. cold showers
    Will Fifty Shades Have Enough Sex? (No.)The ad campaign is an active turn-off at this point.
  45. teaser
    New Fifty Shades of Grey TeaserLots of hand shots.
  46. full frontal
    There Won’t Be Any Penis in Fifty Shades of GreyOr, as the star calls it, his “todger.”
  47. most valuable stars 2014
    9 Actors Who Could Be Big Movie Stars Next YearWho’s on the verge of a major breakout?
  48. lusty looks
    All of Jamie Dornan’s Creepy Stares From the Fifty Shades of Grey TrailerO_O
  49. get to know a guy
    Want to See Fifty Shades of Grey’s New Christian? Watch The FallHe’s the new Christian Grey. But he also played a sexy serial killer.
  50. casting couch
    Jamie Dornan Is Reportedly the New Christian GreyDon’t start obsessing about him just yet, though.
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