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Jane Alexander

  1. theater review
    The Sparkle and Glow of Grand HorizonsStarring national treasures Jane Alexander and James Cromwell, not to mention Michael Urie’s contortionist reactions.
  2. chat room
    Jane Alexander on Snoring Through Chasing Manet and Simulating Sex in Tell Me You Love Me“But let’s make everything clear. Our union, SAG, does not allow us to have real sex.”
  3. the industry
    A Great Dane Joins the Cast of ‘Marley and Me’Plus industry news on Tim Allen, Freddie Highmore, and Master P.
  4. the industry
    George W. Bush to Get StonedPlus: Sean Penn and Diego Luna to make out.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Jane Alexander, Rising Sex SymbolHas Alexander replaced Helen Mirren as Vulture’s sexy sexagenarian of choice?
  6. countdown
    Why Are We Excited About ‘Tell Me You Love Me’?We break it down, hard-core pie-chart style.