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Jar Jar Binks

  1. comeback stories
    Ahmed Best on Joining Mandalorian Cast: ‘Good to Be Back’The actor formerly played Jar-Jar Binks.
  2. last night on late night
    Ana de Armas Tells Jimmy Fallon That Jar Jar Binks Is a MurdererShe also said the Star Wars character looks like a shrimp.
  3. disneyland
    Me-sa Not Liking This Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Easter EggWhy honor the Gungans’ greatest shame?
  4. toxic fandom
    Jar Jar Binks Actor Says He Contemplated Suicide After Star Wars BacklashOn Twitter, actor Ahmed Best reflects on the impact of the hatred he received for his Phantom Menace alien.
  5. send in the clowns
    Jar Jar Binks Lived Out the Rest of His Life As a Sad Clown Haunted by Guilt“Jar Jar makin some uh-oh mistakens.”
  6. roll clip!
    Watch the Jar Jar Binks Episode of ‘Will It Blend?’Meesa dead.
  7. star wars
    George Lucas Is Star Wars’s Snarky Grandpa Now“You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized.”
  8. star wars
    George Lucas Says Jar Jar Binks Was Based on Goofy, AhyuckBut does it rationalize one of the biggest goofs in movie history?
  9. star wars
    J.J. Abrams, Like the Rest of America, Briefly Considered Killing Jar Jar BinksHe apparently thought better of it.
  10. video
    Benedict Cumberbatch Does an Amazing Jar Jar Binks ImpressionHe also does Gollum.
  11. Funny or Die’s Nick Wiger Gives Viral Videos the Charlie Kaufman Treatment Here’s “Gungan Style,” the latest video from Funny or Die writer/director Nick Wiger, which starts as a cheesy parody video but soon turns […]
  12. Larry the Cable Guy Denies His Jar Jar Binks-ness Feel free to read the Larry The Cable Guy A.V. Club Interview in it’s entirety to get an in-depth look at Dan Whitney’s influences, new […]
  13. clickables
    Watch Jar Jar Binks Get ‘Assaulted’ on the SubwayImprov Everywhere wishes you a very violent and staged April Fools’ Day.