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  1. Take a Moment to Relax with Kerri Kenney in ‘Painting with Joan’We’re in the middle of a very intense political news day, and when things get stressful, it’s important to take a moment to breathe, relax, and […]
  2. ‘Men Don’t Whisper’: The Best Short of 2017?Another This Week in Web Videos installment and another go90/JASH collabo that awes. Yes. Men Don’t Whisper is that good. As […]
  3. ‘Tond’ Combines Joke-Forward Sensibilities with a Coen Brothers Feel To watch Tond is to learn that filmmakers Kelly Hudson, Josh Ruben, and Vince Peone really dig the kind meticulous understatement made famous […]
  4. Sarah Silverman Meets Michael Sheen in JASH’s New Short ‘You Can Never […]Recently JASH teamed up with go90 and Band of Robbers’ Aaron and Adam Nee to produce a new short film starring Sarah Silverman and Michael […]
  5. Check Out Matt Besser and JASH’s New Short ‘Arkippiana’UCB cofounder Matt Besser recently made a new short film with JASH called Arkippiana, and this week it’s available to view for free over on […]
  6. JASH Announces Its First Comedy & Music Festival JASHFESHTOnline comedy collective JASH has a brand new comedy and music festival in the works. Today they announced their inaugural two-day JASHFESHT […]
  7. Things Aren’t Going So Well for Key, Peele, and 2 Chainz’s Scottsdale […]Back in July, JASH uploaded a video all about Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and 2 Chainz’s Scottsdale bargain wedding band Absorption, but […]
  8. Key, Peele, and 2 Chainz Teamed Up to Form Absorption, the Ultimate […]Here’s a brand new video from JASH featuring Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and 2 Chainz in a hilarious ad for Phoenix’s hottest new local […]
  9. Paul Scheer Is Recreating ‘TRL’ Episodes with a New Web Series ‘Scheer-RL’Now that Paul Scheer has already mastered the art of recreating Arsenio Hall Show episodes, he’s back for a brand new set of remakes with JASH, […]
  10. Tim Heidecker Is Very Unhappy with JASH’s New ChangesComedy collective JASH recently decided to make some very minimal changes to their company logo, but as you can see in their latest video, Tim […]
  11. ‘ANiMASHUPS’: Exploring the Possibilities of the Animated PodcastFor my money, there are few things on this big, blue marble we call Earth more awe-inspiring and superlative than the amalgamation of comedy […]
  12. JASH’s Sarah Silverman-Hosted Variety Show Is Now on VimeoBack in April, Xbox decided to get into the comedy game by ordering a variety show pilot from web video collective JASH hosted by Sarah […]
  13. The Economics of Internet Comedy VideosFunny videos on the internet come from a plethora of sources, from established internet studios to TV networks to independent comedians. But […]
  14. Jesus, You’re Funny: ‘Black Jesus’ and the Long History of Comedic MessiahsWherever Aaron McGruder goes, controversy follows. Black Jesus, McGruder’s new live-action Adult Swim show starring Gerald “Slink” Johnson as […]
  15. This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Amazing Gayl Pile’Casting ain’t easy, but it’s necessary: wise words spoken by…no one in particular, but felt deep down in the heart cockles of everyone who’s […]
  16. JASH’s New Web Series ‘The Perfect Week’ Is Action-Packed YouTube network JASH, founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim & Eric, debuted its latest web series today. Here’s […]
  17. Xbox Orders Variety Show Pilot from JASH Featuring Sarah Silverman and […]Xbox announced today that they’ve given a pilot commitment to an untitled half hour variety series from JASH’s Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, […]
  18. Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner, and Eric Wareheim Present ‘Food Club’ Here’s a new video from JASH of a food and culture show called “Food Club” that was created by and stars Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, and Jason […]
  19. Eddie Pepitone Is Part of JASH NowComedian Eddie Pepitone has been given his own YouTube channel as part of the comedy collective JASH, which also includes Sarah Silverman, […]
  20. Watch the First Episode of Reggie Watts’s New Web Series, ‘Teach’ Here’s the first episode of Teach, a new JASH web series created by and starring Reggie Watts. It’s a faux-’70s/’80s sitcom about Watts as a […]
  21. Here’s the First Episode of Tim & Eric’s New Web Series, ‘Dr. Wareheim’ Tim & Eric debuted a new web series on their YouTube channel JASH today. Called Dr. Wareheim, each episode features Tim Heidecker visiting […]
  22. How to Make a Successful Web Series with Natasha LeggeroOn the spectrum of conceptual talk shows, Natasha Leggero’s Tubbin’ with Tash, which debuted last month on the YouTube channel JASH, is […]
  23. Fred Armisen, Weird Al, and Tom Lennon Visit Natasha Leggero’s Hot Tub Natasha Leggero is continuing to get impressive guests for her web series, Tubbin’ with Tash. In previous weeks, she’s been joined by Sarah […]
  24. The Tiny Fuppets Return for a Halloween Special Conan/Funny or Die writer Scott Gairdner’s web series Tiny Fuppets, a cheap Portuguese Muppet Babies knockoff, returns today with a brand new […]
  25. Tig Notaro and Kumail Nanjiani Visit Natasha Leggero’s Hot Tub Here’s the latest episode of Natasha Leggero’s JASH talk show Tubbin’ with Tash, in which she and sidekick Pig Bottom (Moshe Kasher) are […]
  26. Watch the Sarah Silverman Pilot That NBC Didn’t Pick Up In 2012, NBC passed on Sarah Silverman’s pitot Susan 313, about a woman moving back into her old apartment following a breakup. This morning, […]
  27. Eric Andre Gets Naked (Again) on Natasha Leggero’s Web Show Natasha Leggero may have the only talk show that’s nearly as crazy as Eric Andre’s. Andre visited Leggero’s JASH web series Tubbin’ with Tash […]
  28. Watch Chelsea Peretti and Reggie Watts on Natasha Leggero’s New Web Show Natasha Leggero’s insane and delightful new JASH web series Tubbin’ with Tash just started last week. Here’s the second episode, with guests […]
  29. ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ Director Ben Berman’s Music Video for Mike Quinn Is […] Here’s a new music video for Mike Quinn’s song “I Hope It Goes Away” that Comedy Bang Bang director Ben Berman made for the YouTube comedy […]
  30. Michael Cera and Bill Hader On How the Band Islands Changed Their Lives Here’s a new video from JASH directed by Drunk History’s Derek Waters in which Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Joe Lo Truglio, Jon Daly, Alia […]
  31. Watch Reggie Watts’s New Video ‘Sects’ Reggie Watts, the undisputed king of looped improvised musical comedy, has a new song up on JASH. The video for “Sects” features Watts and […]
  32. Check Out a Trailer for Natasha Leggero’s Insane-Looking New Talk Show, […] Natasha Leggero has a new talk show coming to YouTube comedy channel JASH on October 2nd called Tubbin’ with Tash. In it, she has guests come […]
  33. Watch a Fake 90s Christian Basketball Talk Show from JASH Here’s a new video from the YouTube comedy channel JASH. Starring Stephanie Allynne and Kyle Mooney, it’s a fake Christian basketball talk […]
  34. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Jean Claude Van Damme on the ArScheerio Paul […] It’s Wednesday, ya’ll, and that means you’re in for a web video treat! Actually, it means you’re in for a bunch of them, assuming you haven’t […]
  35. Watch 7 New Episodes of Paul Scheer’s Arsenio Hall Homage, Featuring Seth […] In April, Paul Scheer launched a new web series called The ArScheerio Paul Show, in which he and a guest perform improvised reenactments of a […]
  36. Watch the Debut Episode of Tim Heidecker’s YouTube Cooking Show Here’s the first episode of Tim Heidecker’s YouTube cooking show, Tim’s Kitchen Tips, with guest Eric Wareheim. You’d barely know it was […]
  37. Watch Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza in Michael Cera’s New Short Film Here’s “Failure,” a new short film Michael Cera made for the YouTube channel JASH. Cera directed and stars in the short alongside his Scott […]
  38. Watch the Trailer for Nick Thune’s Inspiring Documentary About His Broken […] Here’s the inspiring trailer for Disarmed, a documentary that guitar-playing stand-up Nick Thune made about returning to the stage after he […]
  39. Watch Mike Judge and Henry Phillips’s New JASH Web Series ‘You and Your […] Here’s the first episode of You and Your Fucking Coffee, a new web series for YouTube’s comedy channel JASH from Mike Judge and […]
  40. Watch Michael Cera’s New Short Film ‘Gregory Go Boom’ Here’s Michael Cera’s brand new short film “Gregory Go Boom,” which was just released today on JASH, the YouTube comedy channel Cera […]
  41. Paul Scheer and Jordan Peele Recreate an Insane Interview Between Arsenio […] Here’s the latest episode of Paul Scheer’s new JASH web series The ArScheerio Paul Show, which features him recreating a different Arsenio […]
  42. Check Out Jenny Slate’s Unsettling New Web Series ‘Catherine’ The very funny Jenny Slate has a brand new web series called Catherine that was just released by the YouTube comedy channel JASH. Slate stars […]
  43. Watch a Trailer for YouTube’s Comedy Week YouTube is holding its first-ever comedy week from May 19 to 25th, and they got Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Jake & Amir, the Gregory […]
  44. Watch the Trailer for Michael Cera’s New Short ‘Gregory Go Boom’ Here’s the trailer for an upcoming short film called “Gregory Go Boom” that stars Michael Cera as a paraplegic man leaving his house for the […]
  45. Watch Sarah Silverman’s French Short Film Here’s “Fête des Pets,” a French short film Sarah Silverman made for JASH, a YouTube comedy channel in which she is a partner. It’s a little […]
  46. Reggie Watts Has a New Web Series ‘Life on the Road’ Here’s the first episode of Reggie Watts’s new JASH web series, Life on the Road, which documents him on tour. The first episode finds him […]
  47. Talking to Eric Wareheim About JASH and ‘Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories’Tim and Eric’s new YouTube channel JASH may not have the same amazing ring to it as Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, but fans of the TV […]
  48. Watch Paul Scheer and Will Arnett Recreate an Episode of ‘The Arsenio Hall […] Here’s the inaugural episode of The ArScheerio Paul Show, Paul Scheer’s new web series for the YouTube channel JASH that involves him […]
  49. Watch Michael Cera’s Short Film ‘Brazzaville Teen-Ager’ Here’s “Brazzaville Teen-Ager,” a brand new short film starring, directed, and co-written by Michael Cera and based on the story of the same […]
  50. Watch Tim Heidecker and Brett Gelman Have Lunch (Again) Tim & Eric Week continues on the YouTube channel JASH. Yesterday, they debuted the duo’s new web series Tim & Eric Go Pro, and today, […]
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