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  1. spider-man
    Where Did Aunt May Get Her Magnificent Bell-Bottoms?We the people need to know!
  2. marvel’s jessica jones
    Why Does Jessica Jones Wear Those Terrible Jeans?Marvel’s favorite superpowered detective is back, and she still has exactly one pair of pants.
  3. don’t trust bitch in apartment 23
    Watch James Van Der Beek Sell BJs (Not What You Think It Is)You did it, ABC. You made a viral video that we like. Nice work.
  4. james franco
    Go Behind the Scenes of the Ad Campaign James Franco Has Launched With 7 for All Mankind JeansCan someone get this guy a Xanax?
  5. alan cumming
    Watch a Young Alan Cumming in a Commercial for JeansWay back in 1992, Alan Cumming wanted you to buy blue jeans.