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Jeff Buckley

  1. fine lines
    Kevin Morby Breaks Down the Best Lyrics on This Is a PhotographIncluding his epic about Jeff Buckley and the line involving a “cum rag.”
  2. and it pleased the lord
    Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ Cracks the Billboard Hot 100 for the First TimeFor the first time ever (well, this version anyway).
  3. covers
    Hear Jeff Buckley Cover ‘Everyday People’The album also includes the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan covers.
  4. vulture lists
    8 Unique Versions of Inside Llewyn Davis’s ‘Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)’You can trace the history of folk music through covers of “Fare Thee Well.”
  5. casting couch
    See a New Greetings From Tim Buckley TrailerPenn Buckley/Jeff Badgley.
  6. greetings from tim buckley
    Watch Penn Badgley Do His Best Jeff Buckley ImpressionFrom Greetings From Tim Buckley.
  7. trailer mix
    Greetings From Tim Buckley Trailer: Penn Badgley Sings As Jeff BuckleyAnd listen to those high notes.
  8. video
    Hear the First Recording of Penn Badgley Covering Jeff BuckleyThe Gossip Girl star is playing Buckley in an upcoming movie.
  9. true love
    Penn Badgley: ‘Blair Is Dan’s Soul Mate’He also says that ‘Gossip Girl’ is not his “driving passionate force in life.”
  10. movies
    The Jeff Buckley Biopic Is a GoJake Scott will direct, but who should star?
  11. news reel
    British Reality Star Gets the Better of Dead Rock IconNothing screams ‘Christmas!’ like a salute to orgasms.
  12. oddities
    Dueling Covers of ‘Hallelujah’ Competing in Kooky Race for England’s Christmas No. 1A reality-show contestant battles a dead rock star for the hearts of Dear Old Blighty.