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Jenny Bicks

  1. HBO to Remake French Porn Comedy ‘Hard’According to The Guardian, HBO is set to remake the French television series Hard, a comedy about “a Catholic housewife who discovers her […]
  2. pilots 2014
    Television Might Just Get a Mermaid ComedyWe told you that mermaids were hot.
  3. The TV Comedy Showrunners RoundtableHave an hour to spare? You should check out The Hollywood Reporter’s comedy showrunners roundtable! Featuring Community’s Dan Harmon, Modern […]
  4. The Big C, Sort of Like Sex and the City Without the ClothesAccording to Jenny Bicks, ‘SATC’ and ‘Big C’ showrunner.
  5. the industry
    Earth’s Greatest Showman to Star in Greatest Showman on EarthPlus: Sam Worthington pinch hits for Tom Cruise.