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  1. this! is! breaking news!
    Mayim Bialik Won’t Be Reading Any More (Syndicated) Jeopardy! CluesKen Jennings will be the sole host of the next season of the syndicated show.
  2. punching up
    The WGA Strike Passes Day 100Plus Jeopardy! in jeopardy, Li’l Sebastian, and CM Punk going for a cheap pro-labor pop.
  3. this! is! a psa!
    Jeopardy! Will Recycle Clues to Survive Hollywood StrikeWhat is … a questionable solution?
  4. chat room
    Jeopardy! Legend Brad Rutter Has One Complaint About His Mrs. Maisel Cameo“Midge had to point out the goatee, although ultimately it’s my fault.”
  5. this is jeopardy!
    Your New Jeopardy Masters ChampionA stunning upset in Final Jeopardy.
  6. a long talk
    ‘I’m Managing Jeopardy! As Though It’s a Sport’The franchise’s newest executive producer relishes the “very healthy pushback” against him.
  7. this! is! breaking news!
    Ken Jennings Replaces Mayim Bialik on Jeopardy! … for NowDue to the ongoing writers’ strike.
  8. this! is! an interview!
    Jeopardy!’s Sam Buttrey Hopes You’ll Invite Him to Your Fancy PartiesThe breakout contestant from this year’s Tournament of Champions on that Doja Cat clip and his own X-rated songwriting endeavors.
  9. this! is! nice!
    Amy Schneider Is Your Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions ChampionJeopardy! released the Schneider cut … of the grand-prize money.
  10. this! is! an interview!
    Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio Browsed Reddit Before Their Jeopardy! TournamentTalking strategy and streaks with two of the game’s greatest players.
  11. a long talk
    Ken Jennings Ascends the PodiumThe Jeopardy! co-host (and its greatest champion) settles into his dream job, one year after the show’s legacy was almost tarnished.
  12. this! is! an announcement!
    Jeopardy!’s Newest Tournament Is Only for LosersNo, really. That’s the entry requirement.
  13. this! is! free!
    You’ll Soon Be Able to Get a 24/7 Stream of Jeopardy! and Wheel of FortuneIt’ll be on Pluto TV, and the price is right: free.
  14. this! is! a relief!
    Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik Are Officially Double Jeopardy! HostsThey will rule together as king and queen of broadcast trivia.
  15. reading
    LeVar Burton Says ‘the Fix Was Always in’ Against Him at Jeopardy!Former executive producer Mike Richards allegedly said he “didn’t sense” Burton’s passion.
  16. legends
    Mattea Roach’s Jeopardy! Streak Comes to an EndWith 23 wins and $560,983.
  17. this! is! an interview!
    Jeopardy! Champion Mattea Roach Knows She’s Divisive“I’m enjoying myself a lot, and that’s why I played the game that way.”
  18. what is … wtf?
    Bitch Better Have Amy Schneider’s MoneyUpdate: She finally received her $1.3 million Jeopardy! winnings.
  19. this! is! a fun quiz!
    Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues Amy Schneider Couldn’t?Probably not! Well, maybe. Why don’t you try and see?
  20. this! is! a winner!
    A Talk With That Cool-Glasses Guy Who Defeated Amy Schneider on Jeopardy!“I thought I was destined to lose, so I just did my best.”
  21. this! is! devastating!
    Jeopardy! Queen Amy Schneider Ends Her Million-Dollar ReignRhone Talsma unseated the champion after her 40-day streak.
  22. this! is! huge!
    Amy Schneider Achieves Jeopardy!’s Second-Longest Winning Streak39 games later!
  23. this! is! exciting!
    Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider Is Now a MillionaireShe hit $1,019,001 in total earnings with her 28th win.
  24. this! is! an update!
    Jeopardy! Still Doesn’t Have a Clue Who’s Permanently HostingKen Jennings and Mayim Bialik are splitting duties for the foreseeable future.
  25. vulture sports
    Aaron Rodgers Got Homeopathic Treatment Instead of a Vaxx, and Now He Has COVIDApparently he’s consulted his “good friend” Joe Rogan.
  26. exit interview
    This! Is! Matt Amodio’s Response to Your Loss Conspiracy Theories!“I wasn’t being fed the answers when I was winning, and I didn’t throw the game when I lost.”
  27. this! is! the end of an era!
    The Amodio Rodeo Ends at Jeopardy!Matt Amodio was finally defeated after 38 wins.
  28. this! is! a fun quiz!
    Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues Matt Amodio Couldn’t?Go on, prove how smart you are.
  29. the amodio rodeo
    Matt Amodio, Adorable Nerd, Now Has Jeopardy!’s Second-Longest Winning StreakHe’s at a remarkable 33 victories.
  30. this! is! something!
    Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Accept Your Jeopardy! Criticism: ‘Let Me Read the Clues’She’s also surprised people are “so passionate about who hosts” the show.
  31. ratings
    Jeopardy! Ratings Up Amid Host ControversyThat’s probably not the reason people are tuning in, though.
  32. last night on late night
    John Oliver Won’t Rest Until Jeopardy! Gets Its Shit Together“By the way, great job so far, guys.”
  33. this! is! exciting!
    What’s … Matt Amodio Breaking $1 Million?He’s only the third Jeopardy! contestant to accomplish this.
  34. this! is! an announcement!
    LeVar Burton Suspends His Jeopardy! Host Campaign“Be careful of what you wish for, because what I found out is that it wasn’t the thing that I wanted after all.”
  35. this! is! a psa!
    The Prodigal Son Returns As Jeopardy! HostKen Jennings will be temporarily hosting until the end of the year.
  36. what is…a mess?
    How Cute of Mike Richards to Subtly Address His Jeopardy! CriticsHe made a “pledge” to fans of the show on Tuesday’s episode.
  37. what is…a mess?
    Jeopardy! Distracts Us From Mike Richards With … Alex Trebek’s Name?New season, new stage, new drama.
  38. this! is! an interview!
    Matt Amodio Studied TMZ Before His Remarkable Jeopardy! Run“I did my best to be interested in the minutiae of the celebrity eye. I’m naturally a curious person, which helps.”
  39. what is…a mess?
    Don’t Forget to Watch Jeopardy!’s Icarus Implode Before Our Eyes This WeekCheck local listings!
  40. what is…a mess?
    That Guy Is No Longer Jeopardy!’s Executive ProducerMike Richards is out of the job “effective immediately.”
  41. this! is! an important update!
    Ken Jennings’s Dumb Tweets Reportedly Cost Him the Jeopardy! Host JobBut somehow Mike Richards slipped through the cracks.
  42. buffering
    How Streamers Are Reimagining Network Premiere WeekWelcome to Streamchella 2021.
  43. what is…a mess?
    How Sony Tarnished Jeopardy! and Alex Trebek’s Legacy“For them to sully its mark on society with this sort of embarrassment? It’s a crime.”
  44. this! is! an update!
    Person Who Isn’t Ken Jennings Will Be Jeopardy!’s Temporary HostFor three weeks of episodes.
  45. last night on late night
    John Oliver’s Last Jeopardy! Laugh Is Kind of Like a Comedy Daily DoubleThat “smirking golf bag” is gone.
  46. this! is! a shocking twist!
    Former Podcaster Mike Richards Steps Down As Jeopardy! Host“It has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show.”
  47. this! is! an important update!
    No Shit, Ken Jennings Is ‘Disappointed’“I’d rather look ahead.”
  48. last night on late night
    John Oliver Would Like to Speak to Jeopardy!’s ManagerAbout, you know, the new host.
  49. this! is! breaking news!
    What Is … Two Jeopardy! Hosts?Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik are hosting the show.
  50. this! is! an important update!
    Mike Richards Addresses Jeopardy Rumors, Insists It’s Not a Dick Cheney Scenario“The choice on this is not my decision and never has been.”
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