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  1. endings
    The Oral History of Six Feet Under’s Final SceneAlan Ball, Lauren Ambrose, Michael C. Hall, and others reminisce about one of TV’s best finishes.
  2. micro oral histories
    Suck and Blow: The Oral History of the Clueless Party SceneAlicia Silverstone, Amy Heckerling, Breckin Meyer, and others remember the “pretty random fiesta” with a Coolio track on the playlist.
  3. alternate universe casting couch
    Jeremy Sisto Played Jack in Kate Winslet’s Titanic Screen TestWeird.
  4. jeremy sisto
    Meet Jeremy Sisto’s Alter Ego, Escape TailorWatch your back, Chris Gaines.
  5. Clueless’ Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto to Gloriously Reunite on […]Yeah, it’s kinda lame when a show gets two actors who happened to be in a beloved movie together decades ago on the same screen again and calls […]
  6. Alicia Silverstone to Woo Former Clueless Co-StarSilverstone + Sisto.
  7. chat room
    Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory, and How a Complicated Childhood Affected His ‘Brooding’ Early Roles“Now things are very different in my life; I’ve got a family. It’s much more important that I stay in a good mood and that I don’t go to that dark place.”
  8. party chat
    Justin Theroux Vows Revenge at Next Year’s Celebrity CharadesTheroux: “Sam Rockwell is a deadweight. We gotta cut him. We gotta recruit Jeremy Sisto.”
  9. stage dive
    Theater Review: For Aching Male-o-drama, See Spirit ControlI intuit something deeply personal in Ben Willimon’s play, but every aspect of it points to a sloppy wallow in musky self-pity.
  10. chat room
    Jeremy Sisto Is Happy to Be on ‘Law & Order’ Reruns in Perpetuity“Well, I put the show in my Tivo and of course because of all the spinoffs my Tivo filled up instantly and I lost all my other shows.”
  11. quote machine
    Guillermo Del Toro Has a Richer-Than-Usual Fantasy LifePlus quotes from Alan Rickman, Jake Kasdan, and Chaka Khan.