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Jermaine Jackson

  1. music
    Janet Jackson Honors Her Father As He’s Hospitalized With Terminal CancerThe singer spoke about her “incredible father” Joe Jackson shortly after the family confirmed he’s been hospitalized with a terminal cancer diagnosis
  2. the jacksons
    Michael Jackson’s Mother Is Not MissingThere was some confusion. 
  3. chris brown
    Jermaine Jackson Calls Chris Brown’s BET Awards Tribute ‘Spectacular’“How can he learn from his mistakes if you don’t give him a chance?” he asks.
  4. cancellations
    Organizers Pull the Plug on Jermaine Jackson’s Planned MJ TributeOrganizers hope to reschedule the event for June 2010.
  5. drop outs
    Jermaine Jackson’s Tribute to Michael Jackson Loses Two Big NamesMary J. Blige and Chris Brown are denying reports that they agreed to participate.
  6. tributes
    Jackson Family Bickers Over Two Unrelated Michael Jackson Tribute ShowsPeople seem to be okay with Janet’s tribute, but Jermaine’s? Not so much.
  7. take me out to the ballgame
    Finally, Something Good Happens to a Member of the Jackson FamilyJermaine Jackson caught a foul ball at Friday night’s L.A. Dodgers baseball game.