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Jerry Maguire

  1. vulture lists
    23 Unsettlingly Nice Tom Cruise StoriesDid you know he sends Dakota Fanning a birthday present every year?
  2. A Guy Proposed at a Jerry Maguire Test Screening“It was one of the first times we felt like the love story might reach people.”
  3. they complete us
    You Can Visit a Jerry Maguire–Only ‘Video Store’They had us at hello.
  4. Guys Try to Collect Every VHS of Jerry MaguireSo far, they have 12,240.
  5. party chat
    Jonathan Lipnicki Gets Career Advice From Tom CruiseAnd the human head still weighs eight pounds.
  6. i quit!
    Watch the Many Ways Movie and TV Characters Dramatically Quit Their Jobs“Frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s ass.”
  7. clickables
    See the Kid From Jerry Maguire Turn 21, Hold a Cake With His Name MisspelledJonathan Lipnicki’s new role: GROWN-ASS MAN.
  8. vulture lists
    10 Annoying Child Actors We’d Want on Kid NationWe got to thinking about which kids we’d most want to send off to Kid Nation, and realized the pop-culture pantheon is filled with irritating children who could really benefit from a sharp dose of bleach-flavored reality.