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  1. ask an expert
    Dissecting Genesis’ ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ With the Coolest Pastor I Know“I probably took Phil Collins more seriously than he took himself on some of his songs.”
  2. wwjd
    11 Lingering Questions About the Rooney Mara–Joaquin Phoenix Film Mary MagdaleneLet’s all smoke a quick cigarette underneath Jesus’s crucified body and talk about the long-delayed Rooney Mara–Joaquin Phoenix film.
  3. sequential art
    Grant Morrison Unveils Jesus-Conan Mash-up ComicAnd he told us why he’s not afraid of the Trump Era.
  4. opera news
    Ecce Homo Jesus Painting to Get Its Own OperaJesus is gonna watch it from Heaven with his dead, black rabbit eyes.
  5. holy ghost bling
    A Gospel Choir Remixed Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’In which part of the Bible did Jesus call anyone on his cellular device at night?
  6. appropriation
    Did Madonna Just Compare Herself to Martin Luther King Jr.? Maybe.
  7. The Catholic League Is Cautiously Hopeful About ‘Black Jesus’“If the goal is to lure young people to take a closer look at Jesus, the Son of God, that is noble… But if so, it is not a good sociological […]
  8. in production
    Jesus Is Returning to the Big ScreenLionsgate bought rights to Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.
  9. Celebrate the Birth of The Christ Child by Coming to December’s Dog And […] Joyeux Noel! What better way to commemorate the birth of an immortal god’s child into the human realm than with some festive fart jokes?!?! […]
  10. answered prayers
    History Developing Jesus ‘Lost Years’ DramaNow with even more exorcisms.
  11. radio vulture
    Rosen on Kanye’s Yeezus Show at Barclays CenterThe 60-foot LED screen stole the show. Sorry, Jesus.
  12. tattoos
    Justin Bieber Got Another Jesus TattooOn his calf.
  13. Pat Robertson Was Not a Fan of SNL’s Tim Tebow Sketch What’s new in “anti-Christian bigotry,” Pat Robertson? A completely harmless SNL sketch about Tim Tebow, you say? “If this had been a Muslim […]
  14. lady gaga
    A Line-by-Line Biblical Analysis of Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’“I’m just a holy fool” does not appear in the Bible.
  15. jesus
    Lil Wayne Won’t Play Jesus ChristJust some guy named Jesus.
  16. jesus
    Philip Pullman to Really Show Christians This TimeThe title of Pullman’s next book: ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.’
  17. jesus
    Marc Webb’s Jesus Christ Superstar Remake: Who Will Play Indie-Rock Jesus?Can Zac Efron grow facial hair? Does Michael Cera even have abdominal muscles?
  18. right-click
    Eminem Returns for Some Reason!Plus: Tegan and Sara cover Rihanna!
  19. overnights
    ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Oh, God, You Devil!