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  1. movie review
    Chris Rock and a Game Cast Can’t Quite Save Spiral: From the Book of SawIt’s more a tired cops-chase-a-serial-killer movie than a tired Saw sequel.
  2. The Saw Creators Turn a Ball Pit Into One of Jigsaw’s TrapsWe’ll never look at beach balls the same way again.
  3. Here Are the Rest of the Horror Movies Coming Out in 2017Expect Leatherface, Jigsaw, and Madelaine Petsch being killed by a camera.
  4. horror week
    4 Saw Actors Remember Their Gross Movie DeathsTurns out being murdered by Jigsaw is surprisingly enjoyable. 
  5. jigsaw
    Saw Franchise Comes to an EndThe seventh installment will be the last.
  6. how can i stay mad at you?
    8 Super-Villains Who Have a Good Excuse For EvilMolestation, abandonment as children, the Holocaust … they’ve all got excuses.