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Jimmy Eat World

  1. the festival circuit
    When We Were Young Festival Raided Your Teen CD CollectionMy Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and many more will play full albums at the 2024 event.
  2. chapters
    ‘I Gotta Go Explain to People What Emo Is’The punk subgenre wasn’t supposed to go mainstream. Then MTV met Dashboard Confessional.
  3. the festival circuit
    ‘The Crowd Was Very Emo’On the ground at the nostalgia-fueled pop-punk When We Were Young festival.
  4. umg fire
    Universal Confirms Nirvana, Elton John Recordings Were Damaged in Warehouse FireMaster reels of Sonic Youth, Jimmy Eat World, Sheryl Crow, Les Paul, and more were also destroyed.
  5. vulture lists
    The 100 Greatest Emo Songs of All TimeA sweeping look at rock’s most misunderstood genre.
  6. roll clip!
    Everything Will Be Alright (Alright!): Jimmy Eat World Performs at Tiny DeskDo everything you can!
  7. new albums
    Hear Jimmy Eat World’s New Song ‘Get Right’Hey, don’t write this song off yet.
  8. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Revisits the Top 10 Songs at American Idol’s 2002 DebutStarring Ashanti.
  9. music
    Hear a New Jimmy Eat World Song, ‘Stop’It’s the B-side of their just-released vinyl single.
  10. music
    Hear a New Jimmy Eat World Single, ‘My Best Theory’’Inverted’ is the emo-pop rockers’ first album in three years.
  11. quote machine
    We Make Scarlett Johansson’s Broadway Dreams Come TruePlus: Shawty Lo shows Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins how to finish off a feud.