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  1. obits
    Joe Jackson, the Jackson Family Patriarch, Dead at 89He had reportedly battled terminal cancer.
  2. music
    Janet Jackson Honors Her Father As He’s Hospitalized With Terminal CancerThe singer spoke about her “incredible father” Joe Jackson shortly after the family confirmed he’s been hospitalized with a terminal cancer diagnosis
  3. hospitalizations
    Joe Jackson Recovering From a StrokeHe’s been hospitalized in Las Vegas.
  4. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Dad Files New Wrongful-Death SuitJoe Jackson has filed a new lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.
  5. mj
    World Continues to Not Take Michael Jackson’s Dad SeriouslyJackson’s wrongful-death lawsuit just got bumped down to state court.
  6. michael jackson
    One Year After Michael Jackon’s Death, New Lawsuits Are Filed, Questions RemainAnd how are his kids doing?
  7. quote machine
    Joe Jackson Not Buying the Hype on Michael’s Cirque du Soleil ShowPlus: Taylor Momsen basically the next Kurt Cobain.
  8. mj
    Joe Jackson Filing a Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Doctor“That is Russian roulette, that is loading six bullets into a gun with only six chambers.”
  9. michael jackson
    Two Jacksons Agree: Michael Was MurderedOn Friday, Joe Jackson said he believed Michael’s death was the result of “foul play.” Now, La Toya tells ‘News of the World’ the same thing.
  10. michael jackson
    Probe Into Michael Jackson’s Death Could Turn Criminal; Also: Joe Already Talent Scouting Michael’s KidsThe chances that this story will stop becoming more awful anytime soon are probably pretty slim.
  11. the elderly
    Which Old People Will Be Nominated for Grammys Tomorrow?Do any young artists stand a chance this year? Sadly, no.
  12. quote machine
    Just Because Tommy Chong Is High Right Now Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Fix the EconomyPlus: Sean Young!