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Joe Johnston

  1. books
    Drafting Darth Vader: Star Wars StoryboardsChewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO didn’t emerge fully formed from George Lucas’s brain in 1977.
  2. regional co-manager america
    Jim Halpert to Play Captain America?John Krasinski is on Marvel’s wish list to play Captain America.
  3. quote machine
    Sam Worthington Hoping for a More Sexist Avatar 2Plus: Sorry, young ladies — Alec Baldwin’s not interested.
  4. the industry
    Chris Rock to Attend ‘Funeral’Plus: Brett Ratner to direct movie. Wait, come back!
  5. the early-evening news
    Record-Breaking Number of Preteens Driven to Movie Theaters by Their ParentsPlus: More Stallone movies!