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  1. best of 2023
    The Best Podcasts of 2023 (So Far)The business of podcasts may be in a rough place, but the podcasts themselves are great this year.
  2. winning the race
    Joe Pera Is Bringing His New Comedy Special Directly to YouHe hopes you’ll find Slow and Steady to be a “dang good way to spend 56 minutes and 41 seconds.”
  3. 1.5x speed
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: The 2023 Las Culturistas AwardsRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  4. you are getting sleepy
    Joe Pera, the Sleep KingTalking to the comedian and his collaborator Ryan Dann about their new podcast, writing songs, and being slow.
  5. relaxing things
    Drift Off With Joe Pera’s New PodcastThe comedian is back on his bullshit. The bullshit, in this case? Helping you fall asleep.
  6. double joe 7
    ‘My Name Is James Bond,’ Says New James Bond, Joe PeraIt’s his famous catchphrase.
  7. nooooooo
    Earth Becomes Less Gentle With Cancellation of Joe Pera Talks With You“Hey, if I never make anything else, this was the show I always wanted to see and I’m glad it now exists. But hopefully that’s not the case.”
  8. interview
    It’s Joe Pera SeasonThe comedian discusses the joy of older nonactors, weird fan art, and the new season of his Adult Swim show.
  9. comedy
    Joe Pera to Continue Talking With You for a Third SeasonPrepare to calm down.
  10. books
    Joe Pera Wrote the Perfect Book for Your Bathroom Anxiety Attacks“Nothing says ‘class’ to your dinner guests more than a Joe Pera book next to the can.”
  11. treetv
    Joe Pera, Human Weighted Blanket, Made a Relaxing New Special for You“It’s a little more casual than usual, but if just one nurse can come home and watch it to fall asleep, it’ll be worth it.”
  12. interviews
    Joe Pera Attempts to Help Me Get a Christmas TreeA holiday failure with the Joe Pera Talks With You comedian.
  13. last night on late night
    Joe Pera and Stephen Colbert Discuss the Soothing Joys of Grocery ShoppingJust a delightful conversation.
  14. asmr
    Soothe Your Weary Bones With the Trailer for Joe Pera Talks With You Season TwoLooking for some “Boyfriend Comforts You at the Beauty Parlor” ASMR?
  15. shh
    Joe Pera Talks With You Returns for Another Season of Sweet, Sweet WhispersWake me up when December ends.
  16. underrated
    The Refreshingly Genuine Sweetness of Joe Pera Talks With YouSNL alum and A.P. Bio creator Mike O’Brien breaks down what makes this Adult Swim show so great.
  17. recommendations
    Two Very Funny Shows You Should Watch to Feel Better About AmericaDetroiters and Joe Pera Talks With You are all about finding little moments of joy.
  18. funny people
    A Beginner’s Guide to Conner O’MalleyIf you’re unfamiliar with O’Malley, it’s time to fix that.
  19. 30 Comedians Give Advice to Their Younger SelvesColin Jost, Michael Che, Julie Klausner, Pete Holmes, Chris Gethard, and more.
  20. Joe Pera, Seth Meyers, and Gene the Cameraman Have a Chat on ‘Late Night’Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Joe Pera returns to chat with Seth Meyers about his new Adult Swim series Joe Pera Talks With […]
  21. Please Relax and Enjoy This ‘Joe Pera Talks With You’ TrailerJoe Pera heads to Adult Swim later this month with the premiere of his new series Joe Pera Talks With You, and this week a trailer dropped to […]
  22. comics to watch
    20 Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2017From Julio Torres to Joel Kim Booster to Sam Jay: Here are the next big things in comedy.
  23. Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Conner O’Malley and Joe Pera’s […]It’s been a while since we last heard from Conner O’Malley’s Trump superfan character Mark Seevers from TruthHunters, but thankfully, the wait […]
  24. Joe Pera Appeared on ‘Conan’ Last Night to Joke About His Very Tall SonsOn top of being a confirmed Christmas tree expert and the most relaxing TV show host in recent memory, Joe Pera is also a master of the art of […]
  25. Go Inside the Life of ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with This New Short from Dan […]It’s been over a decade since Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla ended their run on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, but thanks to a new short film by […]
  26. The Pure Comedic Relaxation of ‘Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  27. Joe Pera Brings His Christmas Tree Expertise to ‘Late Night with Seth […]Joe Pera has been busy these days using his expert-level Christmas tree knowledge to promote his Adult Swim special Joe Pera Helps You Find the […]
  28. Check Out ‘Little Banks on Wall Street’ Featuring Carmen Christopher, Joe […]Until now, Carmen Christopher and Conner O’Malley have mostly teamed up to make videos as their “Wrigleyville Cubs Playboys,” but in their new […]
  29. Watch ‘Christmas Tree Expert’ Joe Pera’s Delightfully Soothing and Awkward […]Joe Pera returns to Adult Swim this week with another relaxing special called Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree, and to […]
  30. last night on late night
    Comedian Performs Gentle, Weird Stand-up on Late Night; KillsYou don’t expect a comedian this different to do so well with a late-night audience.
  31. Check Out Joe Pera’s Wonderfully Weird ‘Late Night’ Standup SetIf you were hoping to relax again to the soothing sounds of Joe Pera’s voice, you’re in luck, because Pera stopped by last night’s Late Night […]
  32. Calm Down to the Soothing Sounds of ‘Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep’At 4:00am this morning, Adult Swim aired a brand new piece of delightful weirdness from comedian Joe Pera called Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep, […]
  33. Joe Pera and Conner O’Malley Pitch Shows to NY1, WGN, and NetflixHere’s the latest episode of Joe Pera’s web series How to Make It in USA featuring Late Night’s Conner O’Malley as Pera’s go-getter manager Max […]
  34. The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics in New YorkWelcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country. […]
  35. JASH’s New Web Series ‘The Perfect Week’ Is Action-Packed YouTube network JASH, founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim & Eric, debuted its latest web series today. Here’s […]