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Joffrey Baratheon

  1. game of thrones
    The Many Great Whines of Game of Thrones’s Joffrey, King of Snots“Wahhh wahhh, I’m the king”: a supercut.
  2. game of thrones
    What If Joffrey Was the Hero in Game of Thrones?A new parody video imagines.
  3. crossovers
    What Plot Point Did Scandal and Game of Thrones Share This Week?It’s not pretty.
  4. tributes
    Boy King Mocked: The Web’s Best Joffrey Memes“If I was anymore inbred, I’d be a sandwich.”
  5. game of thrones
    In Honor of Last Night’s TV, Watch a Supercut of People Getting PoisonedSet to the song “Poison,” naturally.
  6. party chat
    How 15 Game of Thrones Actors Would Have Killed … That One PersonIdeas include smothering, beheading, dehydrating, poisoning, impaling, hugging, and oversexing.
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    Here’s the Big Game of Thrones Moment Everyone Is Talking AboutEnormous spoilers, obviously.
  8. wowzers!
    Game of Thrones Discussion: What Just Happened?A place for us all to talk about that thing that just happened.
  9. chat room
    Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones WeddingsThe actress who plays Sansa updates us on season four.
  10. primers
    Where 17 Game of Thrones Characters Stand Going Into Season FourFind out what’s up with Joffrey, Arya, and the whole Westerosi gang as the new season begins.
  11. puppy love
    Watch Joffrey Happily Let a Puppy Lick His Face, and Then Go ‘Awwwww’ ForeverIron Throne, Schmiron Schmone — he wants a puppy throne.