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  1. punching up
    Did You Bid on the Union Solidarity Coalition’s Insane Auction?Plus, a Murder, She Wrote–themed picket, Bill Maher flip-flopping, and UAW president Shawn Fain fan cams.
  2. chat room
    Alex Hassell on the Immense Discomfort of Re-creating Cowboy Bebop’s Iconic Duel“There was the tightness of my trousers and then your legs start to cramp and it’s like, ‘Have we got it?’”
  3. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: See You Space CowboyAt long last, Spike’s past and present have collided.
  4. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Married to the MobWe were always going to get a flashback episode eventually, right?
  5. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: The Tears of a ClownOne of the more memorable villains in the original anime is no less unnerving in live-action.
  6. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Are You My Mother?In which Faye is crowned our scam queen.
  7. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Do Cowboys Dream of Electric Sheep?It’s time to dig into what makes Spike Spiegel tick.
  8. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: The Long Good-byeA classic noir episode with Jet Black is a fun exercise in style, but the whodunit plot is at times frustratingly obvious.
  9. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Branching OutFaye is back!
  10. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Hounds of LoveA goofy MacGuffin and lucrative bounty on Mars make for a fun episode.
  11. the vulture transcript
    Cowboy Bebop (Finally) Takes FlightEight months of delays, two corgis, and one freak injury: the show’s stars on the long road to remaking an anime classic.
  12. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Recap: Everybody Comes to Ana’sThe prickly chemistry between Spike and Jet is one of Cowboy Bebop’s core strengths.
  13. overnights
    Cowboy Bebop Series-Premiere Recap: Three, Two, One, Let’s JamCowboy Bebop’s premiere is telling you what to expect from the Netflix series: blood, banter, and big bangs.
  14. tv review
    Cowboy Bebop’s New Shine Can’t Replace Its Old SoulWhat Netflix’s adaptation of the cult-classic anime gains in visual thrill, it loses in its understanding of the original’s melancholy center.
  15. vulture festival 2021
    John Cho Was Afraid He’d Be ‘Too Sexy’ As Cowboy Bebop’s SpikeCho also says he felt pressure bringing the iconic character to life.
  16. trailer mix
    John Cho Rocks Steady in Cowboy Bebop TrailerAll aboard the Bebop.
  17. fall preview 2021
    John Cho Trained Like a Superhero for Cowboy Bebop, the Anime-Classic Remake“The regimen was to become functionally athletic rather than show-horse athletic.”
  18. trailer mix
    Alan Yang’s Tigertail Is a ‘Fever Dream’ of His Father’s Immigration StoryThe Master of None co-creator talks writing and rewriting his first feature film, which hits Netflix on April 10.
  19. awards season
    Issa Rae on Oscar Best Director Nominees: ‘Congratulations to Those Men’Sorry to those men.
  20. trailer mix
    The Grudge Trailer: The Croak Returns to Haunt You and Also John ChoWhere’s new Toshio?
  21. injuries
    Production Halted on Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop After John Cho Injured on SetThe actor reportedly requires surgery following a knee injury sustained during filming.
  22. big yeehaw energy
    John Cho Will Be Cowboy Bebop’s Lead Star, So Let’s Giddyup!Netflix is making a live-action series of the anime.
  23. party report
    John Cho Isn’t Worried About His Next Job Anymore“Now it feels like I’m allowing myself more to think about what would be fun, what would be a crazy situation?”
  24. chat room
    Aneesh Chaganty on Searching, John Cho, and the Asian-American Wave“I think everyone was like, ‘Yeah, that’s a cool idea to cast Asian-Americans, but like, why would we have to do that?’”
  25. trailer mix
    Tiffany Haddish Endures an Interracial Thanksgiving in The Oath TrailerHopefully your holidays involve significantly less tasing.
  26. spoiler alert!
    Let’s Talk About the End of Searching Starring John ChoWhere’s Margot?!
  27. encounter
    John Cho Is One Step AheadThe industry is only starting to catch up.
  28. movies
    John Cho to Star in Master of None Co-creator’s Next Big ProjectAnd this time, it’s a drama.
  29. Gemini Is a Glossy, Atmospheric L.A. Neo-NoirAaron Katz’s moody murder mystery has equal parts substance and style, but can’t quite stick the landing.
  30. Lola Kirke, John Cho, and Aaron Katz on Punching Zoë Kravitz and Fame’s Pitfalls“Famous people will still check their tagged pictures on Instagram to make sure they look good.”
  31. castings
    Your Crushes Tiffany Haddish and John Cho Join The OathIt’s a satirical thriller that involves pledging an oath of loyalty.
  32. last night on late night
    Nudity Activist John Cho Doffed His Pants for ‘Asian Male Butt’ Representation“I said, ‘Somebody has to do it.’”
  33. Gillian Anderson, John Cho, Elijah Wood, and More at New York Comic ConCheck out photographer Dylan Coulter’s portraits.
  34. Hallucinate Your Way Through the First Gemini TrailerCo-starring John Cho!
  35. Amy Poehler and Julie Klausner on Difficult People, Trump Jokes, and Friends“Things happening in the world are so surreal that Billy and Julie reacting to them doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.”
  36. How John Cho Came to Play Billy Eichner’s First-Ever Difficult People Boyfriend“We meet, argue, and sparks fly.”
  37. excellent news
    The Billy Eichner–John Cho Romance on Difficult People Will Be ‘Hot’ and ‘Sexy’Co-creator Julie Klausner gushed about them “getting it on.”
  38. Columbus Director Kogonada on Giving John Cho Space to Show Off“That’s one of the things I’m wrestling with — what does diversity look like in filmmaking?”
  39. exclusive
    Watch the Difficult People Season-3 TrailerBilly Eichner makes out with John Cho!
  40. dream casting couch
    It’s John Cho vs. the Devil in the 2nd Season of The ExorcistThe Star Trek Beyond actor will be a series regular on the Fox drama.
  41. trailer mix
    Watch Your Crush John Cho Lounge Around Architecture in the Columbus TrailerAlso starring Haley Lu Richardson and Parker Posey.
  42. jealousy
    How Dare Billy Get to Date John Cho on Difficult PeopleCho will recur in the Hulu series’ third season as Billy’s boyfriend.
  43. casting couch
    John Cho to Play a Con Artist for USATime for some sexy oenology!
  44. the industry
    John Cho Is Starring in a New Movie About Modern ArchitectureIt’s called Columbus.
  45. Pegg, Quinto on George Takei’s Reaction to Sulu“I don’t believe Gene Roddenberry’s decision to make the prime timeline’s Enterprise crew straight was an artistic one, more a necessity of the time.”
  46. coming out
    As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is Gay in Star Trek BeyondBoldly going where no franchise has gone before.
  47. John Cho Is Obviously Into #StarringJohnCho, But in a Classy Way“It was me on the poster but it wasn’t really about me.”
  48. Allow Twitter to Reimagine John Cho As the Star of Blockbusters (and Your Heart)John Cho can star in anything on Twitter.
  49. trailer mix
    Watch Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller Get a JobIn theaters March 25.
  50. casting couch
    Here’s Idris Elba With the Rest of the Star Trek Beyond CastIt’s official!
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