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John Francis Daley

  1. dungeon master
    The Geeks From Freaks and Geeks Still Love D&DFormer geek John Francis Daley is directing the upcoming film adaptation.
  2. comic-book movies
    Thankfully, the New Spider-Man Movie Won’t Be an Origin StoryIf you were hoping to play a radioactive spider, you’re out of luck.
  3. postmortems
    John Francis Daley on Bones and Vacation GeeksRIP, Sweets.
  4. Ed Helms Is in Talks to Reboot ‘Vacation’ as RustyPresumably because Anthony Michael Hall and Ethan Embry were too busy, Ed Helms is in discussions to play the role of an adult Rusty Griswold […]
  5. casting
    Ed Helms Will Now Star in the Vacation RebootThe rumors were true.
  6. vacation
    Horrible Bosses Writers Nab Vacation FranchiseThis means Freaks and Geeks’ Sam Weir is in charge.
  7. chat room
    John Francis Daley on His Segue From TV Actor to Horrible Bosses ScreenwriterAlso, he takes on the big twist in the ‘Bones’ finale.
  8. Freaks And Geeks/Undeclared Cast Talks Pubes, James Franco’s Physical […]At the Freaks And Geeks/Undeclared reunion at PaleyFest on Sunday, topics ranged from John Francis Daley’s pubescent wiener (“First onscreen […]
  9. the industry
    Seth McFarlane Will Continue Making ‘Family Guy’ Until Our Children’s Children Walk the EarthPlus: Patty and Selma rejoice! Here comes a ‘McGuyver’ movie!
  10. the industry
    Mary-Louise Parker Picks Up the ‘Phone’Plus industry news on Eminem, Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  11. the industry
    Jack Black: ‘Man-Witch’!