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  1. coming soon
    Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith Adds Parker Posey and Wagner MouraThey join Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as the titular coupled killers.
  2. lumon+
    You Can Guess What a Book Called Talkin’ and Walken Would Be AboutOkay, but can you guess who would write it?
  3. severance
    What Is Lumon Industries Up to on Severance?What do brain surgery and baby goats have to do with serving Kier? Allow us to theorize.
  4. movie review
    The Batman Is Sad, Scary, and Even a Little SexyMatt Reeves and Robert Pattinson give us an austere, tense serial-killer thriller as much as a superhero action flick.
  5. bad habits
    Let Penguin Vape?Colin Farrell “fought” Warner Bros. over the character’s signature cigar in The Batman.
  6. obits
    Herb Stempel, Quiz Show Whistleblower, Dead at 93John Turturro portrayed Stempel in the 1994 Oscar-nominated historical drama.
  7. tv review
    The Plot Against America Is a Devastating, Relevant Alt-History DramaDavid Simon and Ed Burns bring Philip Roth’s novel to HBO with an incisive depiction of just how personal politics can become.
  8. trailer mix
    Plot Against America Trailer: The Fascism Call Is Coming From Inside the HouseBased on the book by Philip Roth.
  9. casting
    John Turturro Joins That Matt Reeves Hot Ticket The Batman As Carmine FalconeHe’s got strong crime-boss energy.
  10. trailer mix
    The First Trailer for Big Lebowski Spin-off Jesus Rolls Is (Kind of) HereOnly catch: It’s in Italian.
  11. first looks
    See John Turturro As a Franciscan Monk in The Name of the RoseSundanceTV takes on Umberto Eco.
  12. movie review
    Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria Bell Remake Works Best When It’s a Little MessyThe movie is most successful when it’s least definite, when the conversations are full of awkward holes and the relationships are in flux.
  13. Landline Trailer: John Turturro’s a Cheater and Jenny Slate Knows ItLandline opens in select theaters on July 21.
  14. crowdfunding
    Riz Ahmed Is Raising Money for Syrian Refugees Ahmed is present with his legal representative, John Turturro.
  15. first looks
    A First Look at The Big Lebowski Sequel Is HerePurple is still his color.
  16. theater
    John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub Board Broadway PlayThe two will star alongside Jessica Hecht in The Price
  17. ask an expert
    John Turturro’s Feet on Night Of: An Assessment“We use higher-tech treatment than Crisco on the Upper East Side of New York, anyway.”
  18. tv review
    HBO’s The Night Of Unfolds Like a Fat Crime NovelIt’s the longest, bleakest Law & Order episode ever. 
  19. cannes film festival 2015
    Exude the Zen of John Turturro in These 7 Easy StepsCall your mother!
  20. stage reading
    Ryan Coogler Staged a Do the Right Thing ReadingFor Black Friday.
  21. casting couch
    Turturro Replaces De Niro in Criminal JusticeIn a role originally planned for James Gandolfini.
  22. movie review
    Edelstein: Fading Gigolo Is So Crazy That It’s … FunWhat hallucinogen was John Turturro on when he came up with this plot?
  23. chat room
    John Turturro on Fading Gigolo and All the Women He’s Romanced Onscreen“I played Sophia Loren’s son, and I kept trying to tell her that we should have an incestuous relationship.”
  24. Woody Allen Plays a Pimp in the Trailer for John Turturro’s ‘Fading Gigolo’ Here’s the trailer for Fading Gigolo, a new comedy written, directed by, and starring John Turturro that’s set to premiere at the Toronto Film […]
  25. trailer mix
    Fading Gigolo Trailer: Woody Allen, PimpA pimp who sets up a threesome with Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, no less.
  26. future favorite films
    John Slattery Will Direct Philip Seymour HoffmanRichard Jenkins and John Turturro, too.
  27. Woody Allen and Sofia Vergara Help Out John Turturro’s Fading GigoloWoody Allen and Sofia Vergara will star in John Turturro’s new film Fading Gigolo, where thankfully they will not be each other’s romantic […]
  28. casting couch
    Woody Allen Will Act in John Turturro’s Fading GigoloIn which the two start an escort service.
  29. wangs
    Maybe Transformers 2 Won’t Be So Bad, After All?We’ve got two words for you: Decepticon testicles.
  30. the industry
    Johnny Depp, Public Enemy No. 1Plus the Breeders, John Brolin, and John Turturro in a garbage can.
  31. vulture lists
    10 Worst Movies Directed by ActorsAnd Dances With Wolves was number 11!
  32. overnights
    ‘The Bronx Is Burning’: The Platt/Turturro Scoreboard, First InningWatching this miniseries is almost like watching a Yankee Stadium slugfest between John Turturro and Oliver Platt!
  33. the industry
    Mike Myers, Only Remaining Actor Never Attached to ‘Walter Mitty,’ Attached to ‘Walter Mitty’